The INX Way

They say that it is always better to choose the more difficult right over the easier wrong.  Given the latest FTX saga, there is really only one constant, and that is that everyone needs protection, and the industry needs regulations in order to grow and thrive.  While the main focus seems to be on the […]

Getting to Know Digital Security Trading

Security token offering

What is Digital Security? Digital securities are digital representations of an asset that is a security. The most commonly seen digital securities are smart investment contracts – where ownership is verified and recorded on a digital ledger (blockchain). These are often referred to as security tokens. Digital securities are subject to the same regulations and laws as […]

How To Buy and Trade Litecoin Efficiently and Securely

How to buy Litecoin

Using Litecoin, a cryptocurrency, payments are almost fast and affordable. Like other cryptocurrencies, peer-to-peer networks like Bitcoin enable users to transfer funds without needing third intermediaries. Since its conception in 2011, former Google employee Charlie Lee has referred to Litecoin as the “light version of Bitcoin.” Litecoin employs many of the same characteristics as Bitcoin, […]

Navigating the Fog of Inflation

Cutting through the current fog is possible. The path to avoiding the pitfalls of inflation has already been paved; the way forward is the inevitable transition between traditional and digital economies…Read More

What Is Inflation, and how is it connected to the crypto world?

What is Inflation

As prices go up, the average person’s buying power decreases, known as inflation. As purchasing power declines, the average cost of a basket of products and services may be used to measure this. Price increases, commonly stated as a percentage, signifying that a unit of money buys less than before. Prices fall and buying power […]

What is Decentralized Finance / DeFi – A beginner’s manual to DeFi

Decentralized finance (DeFi)

Financial services using public blockchains, such as Ethereum, is known as “decentralized finance.” With DeFi, you can do many of the same things banks do, but it’s quicker and doesn’t involve any paperwork or third party. This means you have the potential to earn interest, borrow, purchase insurance, trade derivatives, exchange assets, etc. It is […]

How To Buy Bitcoin Safely

People may utilize Bitcoin, digital money, to make and receive payments online. The digital currency was developed to work as a unit of account and serve as an alternative to the traditional payment systems that are now in use. This was accomplished by designing the digital currency to function independently of a central authority. Bitcoin […]

What is Bitcoin, and how does it elevate traditional finance to the 21st century?

What is Bitcoin

Like Venmo and PayPal, traditional financial systems need prior approval to move money and rely on debit/credit accounts. On the other hand, Bitcoin is entirely decentralized, making it possible for anybody to transmit money to anyone else. Bitcoin is a digital currency with a limited number in circulation (21 million). You do have the ability […]