Digital Securities FAQ
What is Metamask, why do I need it and how do I set it up?
  • Metamask is an Ethereum wallet that can be used to hold digital securities, such as the INX token. It is currently the only wallet that is supported for trading on the INX securities platform. 
  • A MetaMask wallet address will be requested during registration on the INX securities trading platform.
  • In order to trade, a seller must have and link a whitelisted MetaMask wallet to their trading account. The seller’s wallet must hold the tokens being sold.
  • The buyer also needs to have and link a MetaMask wallet to their trading account as this is where the purchased tokens will be sent on the blockchain. 
  • For a list of supported browsers and how to set up your MetaMask wallet in a few minutes, watch this video from MetaMask or visit their Help Center here.

Need to whitelist your wallet? Go here!

Linking your MetaMask wallet with your INX securities trading account
  • After logging on to the INX securities platform and choosing a digital security, you will be presented with an instruction to connect your MetaMask wallet.

  • Click on the button to Connect to Ethereum and enter your MetaMask password into the metamask popup. 

  • Your MetaMask wallet is now linked to your INX securities account. 

Watch the following video for more information about this process:

Please note that to change your linked wallet, you will need to request this from INX Support at

Allowing tokens to be moved in and out of your MetaMask wallet
  • When choosing a digital security to trade, the Ethereum blockchain will require that you first approve INX securities to move tokens in and out of your wallet.
  • This approval requires you to have Ethereum in your wallet to be able to pay the transaction fee to the network.

  • Once you hit the confirm button, you will be able to monitor the approval transaction by visiting the “activity'' section of your MetaMask wallet. 

Ethereum gas fees and why they matter
  • Transaction or gas fees must be paid by each user in order for transactions to be processed successfully on the ethereum network. 
  • Fees are not paid to INX but to the network of miners who confirm and store transactions on the ethereum blockchain. 
  • Gas fees are typically expressed in Gwei,ETH or US dollars and your metamask wallet must hold enough ETH to cover any transaction fees.
  • Depending on how busy the blockchain is, gas fees fluctuate. Sites such as or allow you to see current ethereum gas prices.

  • The basic settings tab will automatically ensure you are paying the minimum required amount for a fairly quick completion of the transaction.
  • Users may opt to speed up a transaction by increasing the gas fees from the advanced tab.
  • Setting gas too low may result in delay, transaction failure and loss of gas fees.

Trading digital securities and settlement
  • For a buyer to create an order, they must have enough US dollars on their trading account to fund their order. No other FIAT currency is currently supported.
  • Once the order is matched with a seller, the user’s settlement instructions are sent to the blockchain to move the tokens to the buyer’s wallet from the seller’s wallet. 
  • When a seller creates an order, they must have enough tokens in their metamask wallet to fund their order.
  • When the order is matched with a buyer, the tokens are settled automatically through the blockchain and sent to the buyer’s wallet.
  • Simultaneously, the US dollar equivalent for the trade is also sent from the buyer’s trading account to the seller’s trading account.

Note: Token settlement may take up to 24 hours if the Ethereum network is extremely busy, but should not take more than 30 minutes in normal conditions.

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