Digital Securities FAQ
What is whitelisting?

Whitelisting a wallet address with INX means that the holder has been duly identified through the Company’s KYC/AML procedures and the address is now registered in our whitelisting database.

Why is whitelisting necessary?

In order to verify that INX Tokens are transferred between KYC/AML-approved users, transfers of INX Tokens will be executed by the INX Token smart contract under conditional permission.                                                                                          
For transfers of INX tokens to be successful, the wallet addresses of both the seller and buyer of INX Tokens need to be listed on the “Whitelist Database”.

What happens if I transfer INX tokens to a wallet that has not been whitelisted?

If either the seller's or buyer's wallet address is not listed in the Whitelist Database (or if the Company has “frozen” the users wallet address), the smart contract rejects the transfer and the INX Token Distributed Ledger is not updated.

How do I whitelist my wallet?

A wallet address can be whitelisted through the portal available on our website: If you participated in the IPO please use the same username and password to log into your account. If any additional information is needed, you will be contacted. If you are NOT a token holder already you will need to create an account using your email address. Please follow the on screen instructions in order to upload the documents needed for KYC/AML verification. If any additional information is needed from you, our support team will get in touch.

Which wallet can I whitelist?

Please note that the ideal wallet to whitelist with INX is a non custodial ERC 20 compatible account that supports the adding of custom tokens.        

Any wallet address associated with an exchange (Binance, Kraken, Gemini,, will not be able to receive the INX tokens.        

The only option at this time is:        

Please note that if you wish to sell or purchase INX tokens on the secondary market you will need to whitelist a Metamask wallet address as this is the only wallet provider accepted by Openfinance.        

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