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Participate in the exclusive investment opportunities and benefits that digital securities offer.

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INX.One streamlined issuance platform for primary raises leads you into the future of IPO’s.
Raise capital via a new, efficient, wide reaching tool, all while still owning 100% of your equity.

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Diversify your investment portfolio and bring more exciting opportunities to you and your clients.

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Instant access with touchless delivery. 
INX’s tailored API service enables businesses and active traders to manage their trading activity, receive real-time market data updates, and place different trades, quickly and automatically.

Through API with INX, businesses, active traders, and institutions can automate trading processes, simplify interactions, and ensure complete transparency.

Certified Interdealer Brokers

ILS Brokers Ltd. is an Israel-based interdealer-broker with over 50 tier-1 and tier-2 global bank relationships focusing on OTC trading of FX, interest rate and other derivative products. ILSB is an NFA member, registered as an introducing broker and swap firm and holds other licenses in Israel. We facilitate deals in the FX-Spot, FX- SWAP, Fixed Income, FRAS/IRS, CPI, and FX-Options.
Our customers include local and international banks which are all regulated financial institutions.

ILS Brokers Ltd. currently employs 15 professionals, and, while based in Israel, is looking to expand its reach into UK and US markets. We believe trading in cryptocurrencies will soon expand to regulated institutions in the form of Non-Deliverable Forwards and other derivative products.