How to Pick the Right Trading Style

When you’re learning how to start stock trading, one of the first things you might realize is that there are different styles you can pick. Those approaches define the way you make decisions, what sort of gratification process works best with you, and how you set your goals.

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Therefore, it’s very important to choose a style that fits your personality and what you want to achieve with trading. While success is never guaranteed, your style fitting you well increases your chances for success.

The Main Trading Styles

Before you learn how to pick a trading style, you should understand the main types you might encounter. Keep reading so you get to know each of them.

  1. Scalping

If you are a rapid trader who never loses focus, scalping might be the style you’re looking for. Traders who use that approach are often impatient and it works well for them because they don’t want to wait to see what happens next.

You can get the best out of scalping strategies if you can act quickly and accurately, even in moments where you’re under extreme stress. Scalpers usually work toward small goals and have a solid exit strategy because they know that one false move can cause a domino effect and ruin all their winnings.

If you can easily concentrate when you’re trading and can act swiftly even when you’re under pressure, then scalping is for you. However, should you be a person to hesitate a lot before acting, struggle with making fast decisions, or get distracted easily, you should pick a different style.

  1. Day

Day traders are the patient ones in the trading world. If you’re learning how to get started with the discipline, then it might be a difficult skill to foster, but it can bring you amazing benefits in the long run.

When you go for the day trading style, your main goal is to earn a small daily profit that turns into more money over time. Therefore, you need to be very stable and have in-depth knowledge about the trading market.

Though it may not be well suited for beginners, you can start cultivating the capabilities that you need to adopt the day style in the future. Keep in mind that eventually, you might need to act quickly, refuse to carry positions overnight, and have a large amount of capital.

  1. Swinging

Swing traders are also known as the people who follow trends. In other words, they only make a move if they see an upward trend, and they refrain from acting if they don’t.

It’s a recommended trading style if you’re just learning how to get into stock training, especially if you have another job or different things to do. Swing traders don’t have to pay attention to their screen every hour of the day.

If you become a swing trader, your trading positions can hold for a few days. Thus, you get to learn to be patient while you wait for the outcome. Still, you should make smart choices frequently (instead of quick ones) and manage your emotions if a trade seems to go against you.

People who are not organized or prefer to make quick decisions with immediate outcomes shouldn’t pick a swing trading style. It’s going to make you anxious and you can make mistakes by acting irrationally.

  1. Position

Some people have endless patience. If that’s you, then you’re probably a position trader and don’t mind waiting for weeks, months, or years to see some earnings.  

Position trading is the longest of all trading styles because it takes years to get significant results. Therefore, only people who don’t get easily excited should go for this route. If you’re impatient, enjoy the adrenaline feeling, and like quick changes, it’s not for you.

It can also be the perfect approach if you don’t get easily swept away by other people’s opinions. In some cases, you might hear that there’s a recession and that you might suffer losses. If you act only based on that, you might miss long-term benefits.

Knowing when not to act (instead of acting rashly) is the main trait of position traders. Their lack of anxiety makes them take pride in holding their positions for a long time. Additionally, if you don’t want to continuously check the markets, this style might be for you since it doesn’t require a huge time investment.

How to Choose a Style

When you’re learning how to make money trading stock, there are many details to understand if you want to be successful. Picking a trading style is one of the most important decisions you could make because it allows you to follow an organized structure to make your choices.

To pick a style, you should start examining your personality traits. For example, are you impulsive and impatient, or calm and rational? To do that, you could sit for a few minutes and write a list of the primary characteristics you think you have.

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After that, you should determine if you want quick results or if you work well with delayed gratification. That’s a vital point if you’re learning how to start stock trading since it can help you easily identify your style and help you have clear goals.

Once you have pinpointed all this information, you review the trading styles and choose the one that fits you best. When you’re trying to understand how to get into stock trading, you shouldn’t expect to know which is the best style for you immediately, though. Nonetheless, with time, you gain more experience, know yourself better, and make better choices.

Eventually, you are going to know which is your style, why you chose that, and why it’s the best way for you to trade. Picking one approach not only helps you be more effective but also diminishes the risk of losing because you make accurate decisions based on your personality and goals.

Why You Should Pick a Style and Stick to It

One of the most difficult things to do when you’re learning how to start trading is to stay faithful to the style you chose even if you see that it’s not working perfectly. You might feel scared and make the biggest mistake ever – switching from one approach to another just out of fear.

If you’ve done that in the past, don’t worry. You can still choose a style and stick to it. However, if you haven’t done that, congratulations! Try not to do it, either. Picking a specific approach to your trading strategy can be daunting if you don’t see optimal results at first.

Nonetheless, remember that the style you choose reflects how you feel when you make decisions, the kind of gratification you enjoy, and how you set your goals. Therefore, if you’re loyal to your approach, you can get positive results in the long run. Experience helps you make better choices, and you might feel much more confident about your trades.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right trading style might take time if you’re beginning to trade. However, once you pick the approach that works best for you, you should feel more comfortable with your choices, confident in your potential outcomes, and enjoy trading much more.

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