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Trucpal Token
Entity of Issue
HGC (BVI) Info Tech Ltd.
Total Raise Goal
20 Million USD
Total Token Amount
1 Billion
Min. Purchase Amount
2,000 USD
Technical Features
Price Per Token
0.1 USD
Token Supply
200 Million TRUCPAL
Token Standard
About The Asset
Trucpal is a digital financial and tax accounting software designed by the HGC team for the Chinese freight market. Trucpal provides whole life cycle service for truckers, suppliers, shippers, cooperatives, trucking after-market providers and financial institutions. HGC operates a freight service SaaS platform in China. Based on the development of e- commerce, HGC believes that China is the world's most promising digital freight market. HGC maintains its strengths and position through continuous business innovation and an open system.  

Trucpal Token will be a security token using blockchain technology issued in accordance with the U.S. Securities Law. Benefiting from the innovative freight capacity ecosystem built by HGC, each transaction made on Trucbook relates to a certain percentage of income to be allocated to the holders of Trucpal Token, who have the right to receive such income in preference to HGC’s shareholders.  

Trucpal Token network is programmable, combined with decentralized finance (DeFi) and featured with the design of binomial hybrid token. Tokens can be widely used in different transaction scenarios in a regulatory compliant manner in the trucking ecosystem to motivate users, to activate and maintain user stickiness, and further encourage the growth of the ecosystem. Trucpal Token is a security token based on real freight transactions backed by the operating company in China, which will be issued in compliance with United States Securities Law.  

HGC has received multiple rounds of investment from well-known investors, and the management team is innovative and a leading entrepreneur in China's freight industry. The advisory team includes well-known Asian venture capitalists, blockchain technology experts, and legal experts
What are the Trucpal tokens used for?
As a utility:
Trucpal is a profit shareable digital security that is used in the system primarily to pay dividends to its eligible holders. See the PPM for more detail.
75% of Trucbook’s business qualifying revenues (net of taxes & withholdings) will be allocated to Token holders and you will be eligible for continuous dividends every six months.
Trucpal Security Token Raise to Commence on July 25th
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Trucpal Security Token Raise to Commence on July 25th
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