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INX Securities (formerly known as Openfinance) is changing the way alternative assets are shared and traded. Gone are the times when only a limited few were granted access to these exciting investment opportunities: now anyone from anywhere, accredited or non-accredited, may explore, participate and potentially benefit.

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Why Digital Securities
Individual Investors
Institutional Investors
Potential investments

A Wider Portfolio of Potential Investments

An impressive market platform improving access into previously restricted private equity securities, venture capital, and other interesting alternative assets.

Focus on Compliance and Regulations

Trusting the process has never been easier thanks to automated regulation enforcement technology and smart connections based on your eligibility.

Keeping Things Liquid

Traditional securities trading cannot keep up with the efficiency and liquidity of the digital marketplace and its incomparable opportunities to buy and sell alternative assets.
Trading made simple

Trading Made Simple

The digital world moves quickly and so do its trades. The up to eight-week settlement period in the traditional securities market is outdated, inefficient  and unnecessary thanks to the potentially fast access to your capital any time, any day, anywhere you can obtain in the digital securities market using the INX Securities platform.
Potential Investments
Access More Investment Opportunities
Gain access to assets like venture capital, private equity and more, all in one robust marketplace.
Compliance and regulations
Compliance You Can Trust
As the  leading secondary market trading platform for digital securities, we connect you with eligible assets based on your qualifications and enforce relevant regulations automatically with every trade.
efficiency and liquidity
More Liquidity When It Matters
Digital securities offer a format to enable greater liquidity than traditional alternative assets, allowing you to buy and sell alternative assets like never before and achieve fair value for your investments.
Trading made simple
Faster, Simpler Trading
Settlement for many alternative assets can take up to eight weeks. Openfinance streamlines manual processes, settling most trades within minutes and providing quicker access to your capital, 24/7/365.

Three Steps on the Ladder of Success
How to Get the Best Start in the World of Digital Trading

Start the investor passport process by providing the necessary information and creating your digital wallet through a secure verification process. This process will grant you access to the system and will allow you to trade accordingly.
Fund your trading account via your chosen method to enable you to buy and sell digital securities in your investment portfolio.
With a marketplace that never sleeps, you can buy and sell at any time within the constraints of your qualifications, eligibility and available liquidity.
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Can I create an account if I am  an unaccredited investor?
Yes. INX Securities allows any investor access to investment opportunities provided you go through the investor passport process. That being said, some assets on the platform are only available to accredited investors.
After I set up my account, how long does it take to be approved?
Currently the process of reviewing and approving applications takes up to five days.

What hours does the INX Securities platform allow for trading?
The market is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on every day of the year. INX Securities is the sole trading platform offering this option right now.

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