Jason Moon
Advisory board member

Jason is one of the world’s foremost IT security experts. He gained public notoriety when he helped trace the financiers of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, together with identifying and tracking terrorist cells in the UK. Jason combines technical prowess with widespread knowledge across his various areas of expertise. He is an altruistic hacker and asymmetric warfare specialist, an e-discovery researcher and digital forensics investigator. He has sat on intelligence think tanks and has given evidence and opinion to Special Select Committees on cybercrime, cyber security, election fraud and foreign espionage. He has worked in collaboration with law enforcement agencies to trace, track and curtail digital terrorism, organised crime, hacking and digital/financial fraud. He has worked and lectured on security related matters for over 20 years and has appeared as pundit and analyst for international news outlets and documentaries. Jason is a contributor to the international security testing standard OSSTMM and was its first European trainer. He founded his IT security testing and risk consultancy firm over 15 years ago, and has designed, tested and monitored security systems for numerous banks, corporations and both the US and UK governments, including the UK Government’s Secure Intranet and HM Revenue & Customs’ first online tax system. He co-designed and tested the security for the first Chip & PIN machines and worked on the design of law enforcement mobile phone tracking systems. An early adopter, Jason’s comprehensive understanding of Blockchain and cryptocurrencies has led to his involvement in developing white papers for ICOs, brokering asset liquidation into and out of cryptocurrencies and consulting on crypto funds for high net worth individuals, within the context of developing regulations and an evolving digital investment and tokenisation landscape.