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The concept of 9-to-4 trading is outdated. Trading operates on its own timeline. May 3, 2022 It’s 2022 and life works around the clock. We can get food delivered at any hour, we can order a car anytime, and we can trade Alpha on Telegram with people around the globe. But for some reason, we’re […]

INX makes history with the listing of the world’s first SEC-registered digital security, collapses trading fees

NEW YORK, July 26th, 2021–INX Limited (“INX”), the owner of blockchain-based platforms for trading digital securities and cryptocurrencies, announces that the INX Token, which was previously offered in the world’s first public offering of a digital security registered with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”), will be listed on the INX Securities trading platform […]

What is Litecoin? A Beginners Guide to Litecoin and how it works

What is Litecoin?

Litecoin is the second-oldest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin and may not make headlines as often as bitcoin; it is nevertheless a well-known cryptocurrency. While Bitcoin has become more of a “store of wealth,” Litecoin is designed to be utilized in daily transactions. In addition, Litecoin sought to address some of Bitcoin’s perceived faults, such as transaction […]

What is a Security Token Offering, and how does it work?

Security token offering

As the world enters a new era of currencies and investments, now is the time to learn about security tokens, which will be a long-term fixture in our society. Security tokens are the present as well as the future. Regardless of your age, knowledge of Web 3.0 business, or understanding of it, learning about this […]

The Limited Liberties of Economic Freedom

The Limited Liberties of Economic Freedom

The economic realm has been immersed in a tremendous scholarly debate for over a century. On one side of this discussion, scholars and economists have endorsed a monetary policy based on personal property and free markets.  This was the premise upon which economic freedom was founded. The crucial ingredients sustaining an economically free State are […]

Cryptocurrency Wallet Explained

Cryptocurrency Wallet

You must first open a cryptocurrency wallet before choosing which cryptocurrency to invest in. Each wallet contains a private key that only you may use and know, which will give you access to the wallet’s contents. The wallet isn’t only about holding cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, but it also allows you to transfer and securely receive […]

What is Proof of Stake and Proof of Work, and how are they different?

Proof of Work vs Proof of Stake

There is a network of computers behind every cryptocurrency that helps keep the program safe and controls the creation of new units of its supply. A consensus mechanism is a name given to this system. A blockchain’s public ledger can only be updated by its users, without a third party’s assistance, using either the Proof […]

Raising Capital for Businesses

Raising Capital for Businesses

A successful capital raise empowers business leaders and founders to move forward and pave the way for their companies’ long-term success as it enables them to hire, innovate, and scale in ways they couldn’t before. Raising capital is an exciting and necessary step for any company or startup, and having an understanding of how to […]

How To Report Your Taxes on Crypto

Crypto Taxes

During 2021, the cryptocurrency market flourished. Bitcoin trades and other Cryptocurrency-related activities may significantly affect your taxes if you’re one of the approximate 10% of Americans who traded Crypto last year. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and state tax authorities should be notified of any cryptocurrency transactions, with each transaction potentially resulting in a separate […]

INX: Building A New Regulated Digital Asset Trading Ecosystem

“If you don’t build castles in the air,” said Victor Hugo, “you won’t build anything on the ground.” We too had a vision and have worked to turn it into a reality in the past year. We have now reached that moment.  INX has spent the past 12 months following our successful NEO RTO laying […]