Security Tokens:
The Democratization
of Finance

The new blockchain-based asset class providing equal opportunities for all.

What are
security tokens?

The future of financial markets. While similar to a traditional security, this new and efficient form of funding records and verifies investment contracts and ownership directly on the blockchain network using smart contracts.

Smart Contract

Ensuring automated compliance with U.S. securities laws, providing transparency and accuracy in every transaction is all possible thanks to the underlying technology, the blockchain.


Security tokens provide a new avenue for investors to invest in private and public companies and potentially benefit from their growth while enjoying liquidity from day one.

Global Trading

Don’t restrict yourself to business hours. Security tokens trading is available 24/7, 365 days a year!

Greater Investment
Opportunities For All

For individual investors

Participate in the exclusive investment opportunities and benefits that security tokens offer.

For issuers

IINX.One created a streamlined issuance platform process for token offerings that leads you into the future of IPOs. Raise capital via a new, efficient and wide reaching instrument, potentially without giving away any equity ownership.

For Entities

Diversify your investment portfolio and bring more exciting opportunities to you and your clients.

Available security tokens

We use MetaMask to facilitate security tokens trading

Bringing DeFi to TradFi, simply connect your MetaMask wallet to INX.One and start trading security tokens

We embraced the financial revolution by creating our very own security token


INX Token was the first public SEC-registered security token to IPO on the blockchain, making it available to the US general public and global investors.

INX Token

07/15/24, 13:25 UTC

*The last price represents the most recent matched trade as of the time listed above. The price above is delayed and does not necessarily represent the latest match. A matched trade does not mean the trade has settled. Price is subject to change at any time. Please access the INX Securities ATS for the latest bids and offers for more current information. See additional disclosure below for more information.