Pioneering A New
Digital Economy

The world’s first fully regulated platform, merging investing and trading in security tokens, cryptocurrencies and capital raise services all in ONE place

Unmatched Trading Opportunities

Diversify your portfolio with a broad asset offering and new investment alternatives

Security tokens

Meet capital markets version 2.0.
Security tokens are the new way of investing and benefiting from companies’ performance and success.
A new asset class that unlocks new types of investment for individuals, and capital raising for businesses.


INX ONE is also the place for you to store, buy and sell cryptocurrencies in an easy-to-use way, with the highest security standards to ensure your funds are protected.

We are committed
to creating the new regulated standard

Regulatory oversight

For us, regulatory approvals are a must! Operating in full compliance, we hold Money Transmitter licenses in most US states as well as Broker Dealer and Alternative Trading System licenses granted by the SEC and FINRA.


In forging the way for a new asset class, our own INX Token became the world’s first SEC-Registered Digital Security IPO issued on the Blockchain.

Safety First

Our team of experts and partners are committed to the highest security standards to safeguard your funds, under full regulatory oversight.

INX ONE Platform

Onboarding the INX ONE trading platform provides you access to multiple assets and investment opportunities that until now were only available to some.

Bring Your Capital Raise To The People

A new, fully regulated path for capital raising.
An exclusive service that facilitates the raising of capital through digital securities.

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