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A message from our CEO, Shy Datika

My vision of shaping capital markets and their evolution from the traditional world to a digital economy is coming to life.

The INX Token was the first and significant milestone – the first SEC-registered security token to IPO on the blockchain.

INX.One is another important step in our extraordinary journey, presenting the world’s first fully regulated platform that merges investing and trading in security tokens, cryptocurrencies and capital raise services all in ONE place. INX provides a safe and secure path for responsible trading on multiple asset classes.

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We believe in transparency

Transparency and regulation are the cornerstone values of INX, allowing the investors community to benefit from our platform and the evolution of capital markets.

We strive to provide
unique opportunities

We are the pioneers of a new tokenized economy providing access to new financial opportunities. All assets on INX.One are carefully vetted as we operate a fully regulated platform and are committed to guaranteeing a secure trading experience for all traders.

Our story

INX set a revolutionary path to utilize the unparalleled advantages and opportunities of the digital economy in a safe and secure environment maintained by the checks and balances developed in the traditional economy throughout centuries.

Now, INX is on a mission to lead other companies in  embracing the benefits of security tokens.

INX Token

07/15/24, 14:00 UTC

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