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Access new investment opportunities, diversify your portfolio and take advantage of improved liquidity with INX Securities (formerly known as Openfinance), the platform for the secondary market trading of digital securities.

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A New and Improved World of Investing

Despite boasting a mammoth value of $9.5 trillion*, the alternative asset market is notoriously difficult for interested parties on either side of the securities transaction  to fully utilize and have the requisite liquidity necessary to potentially capitalize on their investment. This is down to critical efficiency downfalls and procedural shortcomings littered across the traditional marketplace rendering it volatile, inefficient and illiquid.
Because of modern digitized platforms such as INX Securities (formerly known as Openfinance) the possibilities are opening up and the alternative asset market is becoming more accessible, readable, and liquid than ever before.
Restructured and modernized platforms for trading in digital alternative assets are key players in the securities revolution and INX Securities is a leader in the space.

* "Preqin Investor Update: Alternative Assets H2 2019," Preqin 2019.

INX Securities is the leading secondary market trading platform for digital securities

Broader Horizons

INX Securities is opening the doors and leveling the playing field, providing an opportunity for diversification in ways previously reserved for a very limited type of investor.

A Commitment to Compliance

Smart contracts help ensure compliance with U.S. securities law automatically, preventing unqualified trades and ensuring transparency and accuracy with every transaction.

Providing Liquidity

INX Securities improves user freedom to buy and sell digital securities by providing liquidity unlike any other digital marketplace .

Simplicity and Efficiency

Two words that are rarely applied to the traditional securities trading market, simplicity and efficiency, sum up what digital securities trading platforms offer. INX Securities can have trades settled and processed in minutes, where the manual process can take up to eight weeks comparatively.

Digital securities represent the next evolution in capital markets

Enabling a new asset class

Blockchain-based digital securities issued and traded under US securities laws

Enabling higher flexibility and innovative functionality of asset listings, trading and governance such as:

  • A wider range of financial instruments and finance possibilities

  • Raising capital for fractional and illiquid assets (e.g. partial ownership in real-estate projects, art, specific patents or projects) of a company.

  • Potentially reduced trading costs as a result of efficient processes

  • Increased access to capital and investors

  • Automated KYC/AML compliance

  • Safe trades between cleared counterparties

  • Increased transparency and privacy  

The evolution of the INX Security token

  • The genesis of INX followed 2017’s wave of ICO irrational exuberance, conducted with little consideration for securities laws

  • INX recognized that digital assets were the future

  • Built a strong foundation by assembling the right team with years of experience in the capital markets and blockchain arenas

  • Developed proprietary state-of-the-art technology

  • Invested in a strong industry standard and future public company infrastructure

  • Registered the INX Token with the SEC and spent 24 months building proprietary technology and solving the challenges of digital asset securities registration

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