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Access new investment opportunities, diversify your portfolio and take advantage of improved liquidity with Openfinance. Securities owned by Openfinance, the platform for the secondary market trading of digital securities.

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A Whole New Way To Invest

For years, limited access, inherent inefficiencies and a highly illiquid marketplace have prevented investors and issuers from unlocking the full value of the $9.5 trillion alternative asset market. Through our trading platform, Openfinance Securities is providing a unique opportunity to liquidity and transparency in the alternative asset space.

Source: "Preqin Investor Update: Alternative Assets H2 2019," Preqin 2019.

Openfinance Securities is the leading secondary market trading platform for digital alternative assets

New Investment Opportunities

Diversify your portfolio with access to digital securities in real estate, venture capital, company equity and other investments traditionally only available to select investors.

A Commitment to Compliance

Smart contracts help ensure compliance with U.S. securities law automatically, preventing unqualified trades and ensuring transparency and accuracy with every transaction.

More Liquidity When It Matters

Our digital marketplace improves market liquidity, enabling users to buy and sell alternative assets like never before.

Simpler, Faster Trades

Settlement for many alternative assets can take up to eight weeks. We streamlines manual processes, settling most trades within minutes and provides quicker access to capital.

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