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The laborious and inefficient manual process for the administration and issuing of all private securities is not compatible with the future way of trading. INX Securities is streamlining the process making it more cost and time-efficient and by helping to potentially improve  valuation. 

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Why Digital Securities
Individual Investors
Institutional Investors
Potential opportunities

A Deeper Pool of Opportunity

This effective marketplace brings a range of potential unique asset investments to your door. Access venture capital, private equity and so much more all in one place.
Capital Market

Access More of the Capital Market

Raise capital from a larger set of global investors while providing optionality, not redemptions.
Lower capital costs

Lower Capital Costs

With a potentially more liquid and efficient marketplace than ever before, INX Securities allows you a vehicle to trade your capital while having  the opportunity for capital appreciation.
Third parties

Erasing Third Parties

Intermediaries required in other marketplaces can cost you time and money. This platform’s technology has been developed to remove the need altogether by having you trade directly with other interested parties.
Compliance Key

Compliance Is Key

Only approved and eligible investors gain access to this digital marketplace, based on KYC/AML and other standards.
Openfinance partners with the industry’s top issuance platforms to match you with the best fit for your listing.
Explore The Listing Process

Getting Set-up on INX Securities

Get prepared
Work with your legal counsel in the pre-issuance process to agree on your structure moving forward and prepare your offering documents. Once submitted, they are reviewed and approved in accordance with the applicable regulations.
Start issuing
Work together with INX Securities and the smart contract developer of your choice to ensure all standards are met and all boxes are checked before issuing assets to investors.
Enjoy the benefits of the new digital marketplace
With everything up and running, assets are issued and traded with security and regulatory compliance but in a far smoother and more efficient way.


Can I invest and trade outside the USA?
Yes. INX Securities is available to investors around the globe. Some assets may only be available in certain areas, but this is all in accordance with eligibility and qualifications.
What is a lock-up period?
If an offering is considered to be a restricted security by the SEC it may be required to observe a holding period for a period of time. Consult with legal counsel for more details about mandatory holding for particular offerings.
How is a digital security reflected in a cap table?
All ownership records are updated in real time. All parties can view any changes to ownership. Issuers should engage a transfer agent who will maintain and manage the cap table.

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