The INX Token

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Token Economics

The INX token has both security and utility benefits for its holders

Any profit share is distributed to a diminishing circulating supply of tokens. This is because as traders spend INX Tokens to reduce their trading costs, 20% of the tokens are transferred into the INX Token reserve, increasing scarcity


Mandatory Profit Share: Annual pro rata distribution of 40% of the Company’s cumulative adjusted net operating cash flow

Liquidation Preferences:
Pro rata portion of the Cash Fund upon a failure to launch cryptocurrency trading or a liquidation event


Medium of exchange: Discounts of at least 10% on transaction fees on INX Securities when INX Tokens are used to pay fees

Passive Tiered Trading Fee Discount Program on INX Digital based upon the number of INX Tokens held in customers private wallets

Token technical features

  • INX is an ethereum based ERC20 compliant token that is programmed using a smart contract

  • INX smart contract address

    INX smart contract address

  • INX has a capped supply of 200,000,000 Tokens.

  • The INX Token smart contract incorporates our Whitelist Database, which restricts the transfer of INX Tokens unless both the digital wallet addresses of the sender and receiver are listed in the Whitelist.

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