Shy Datika

Co-Founder & CEO

Shy has over 25 years of capital markets experience with primary focus in trading and building networks and technology plays in the banking and financial industries.

As founder and former Chief Executive Officer of ILS Brokers, a multinational brokerage house based in Tel-Aviv, Israel, Mr. Datika played a significant role in the adoption of electronic trading in the global OTC foreign exchange (OTC Forex) market as well as in the brokerage activity and online trading business.

After 15 years of running ILS Brokers, Shy sold the company to Leader Capital Markets (public company in Israel, $200m mkt cap) in 2001. He was also a founder/pioneer of the binary option industry (in 2007) and acted as the CEO of Anyoption, a retail marketplace for innovative financial products, with a network of over 3m global clients and strong proprietary technology. The platform held a leading position in the market thanks to its expertise in client acquisition optimization, client conversion, and retention algorithms. Anyoption was the first to apply and receive a CIF license in the EU and operated under full regulation. Anyoption was merged with to jointly offer to the retail market a larger variety of products (FX, CFD, Structure Products).

Shy has more than 20 years of experience working together with regulators in Israel, EU and the US. He is also deeply active with different startups in the fintech area, and acts as a director and market expert, bringing in vast experience from the capital markets, front and back office banking solutions, trading and clearing, and online markets.

For 12 years he has been an External Director, the Chairman of the Investment committee, and a member of the Audit Committee of Altshuler Shaham Pension Funds, which has more than 50 billion ILS under management.


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