Refer a Company to Raise Capital with INX and Earn $5,000

When investments in startups fell 63%, and more and more companies are willing to give up their future profit just in order to have a future, it’s time to lead companies toward a new path.

How does it work?

Let’s join forces and empower companies to secure the funding required for their success


Introduce us to a company looking to raise funds


Finish the onboarding process


Once a company starts raising, you’re entitled to $5,000
Why INX?

A licensing umbrella



Compliance/ KYC services

Token as a Service

INX issued its own token, the first SEC-registered token on the blockchain, raising $84M

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Our book, The INX Way, is an informative guide to help educate any potential issuer on how to successfully participate in today’s digital economy by leveraging security tokens and blockchain technology. It explains how security tokens transform the capital markets, what potential issuers should bear in mind when raising capital, and which industries are most ripe for tokenization.

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