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INX Limited and Intangible Properties Exchange Inc. (IPEX) Announce Exclusive Strategic Partnership Agreement

NEW YORK and CALGARY, AB, Sept. 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — INX Limited (“INX“), the owner of blockchain-based trading platforms for digital securities and cryptocurrencies, and Intangible Properties Exchange Inc. (“IPEX“), the owner of a proprietary intangible asset monetization platform, are pleased to announce entering into an exclusive strategic partnership agreement to list IPEX intellectual property-backed digital securities on the INX Securities ATS.

INX provides regulated trading platforms for digital securities and cryptocurrencies, combining traditional markets expertise and an innovative fintech approach. Through its wholly-owned subsidiary, INX Securities, LLC (“INXS”), INX operates a proprietary blockchain-based trading platform which facilitates the trading of digital securities. INX made history when it closed the first SEC-registered digital security IPO for both retail and institutional investors in 2021 raising more than US$80 million.

IPEX provides an end-to-end solution for companies to unlock the value of their intellectual property (IP) and other intangible assets. The IPEX solution involves the valuation, structuring and monetization of this highly valuable asset class through the issuance of IP-backed digital securities. Each digital security issued through the IPEX process involves a professional valuation and blockchain validation for the underlying intangible asset.

The INX and IPEX strategic partnership will allow investors on the INXS platform to be able to invest in a new world class investment opportunity through the listing of top-quality IP-backed digital securities. As part of the strategic partnership, digital securities created on the IPEX platform will be able to list on the INXS platform for secondary trading, resulting in increased liquidity.

Shy Datika, founder and CEO of INX, commented “digital securities are among the most malleable financial instruments. The world has seen digital securities backed by revenues, by profits, by real estate and now we bring digital securities backed by intellectual property. Could you imagine owning the Wright brothers’ IP? Or Nikola Tesla’s? Or how about Thomas Edison’s? There are so many intellectual properties that remain unmonetized or even forgotten, on company balance sheets. With IPEX, we look to bring liquidity and light to where there was none. This is a strategic partnership that will open doors into the largest board rooms across the United States.”

“IP is the most valuable asset class globally. Unfortunately, the currently fragmented ecosystem surrounding it does not allow its true value to be unlocked and monetized making this magnificent asset class illiquid. The IPEX and INX strategic partnership will create a connected value chain which will serve as an end-to-end solution enabling and empowering the entire IP ecosystem through the connection of asset owners to their trusted advisors, investors and ultimately investors to secondary trading markets. This partnership marks a pivotal moment in the history of intellectual property monetization.” stated Mason Darabi, Executive Chairman of IPEX.

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