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The Global DCA Welcomes INX As A Member Ahead Of The CryptoConnection 2022 Conference

INX will collaborate with the Global DCA to further lead the establishment of a tokenized economy and expand its mission to bring regulated digital asset opportunities to all investors

TORONTO, June 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The INX Digital Company, Inc. (INXS ATS: INX)(NEO: INXD), a broker-dealer, inter-dealer broker, and owner of digital asset trading platform, announced today it would join the Global Digital Asset & Cryptocurrency Association (Global DCA), a self-regulatory association for the digital asset and cryptocurrency industry.

Through their common mission, both INX and the Global DCA strive to bridge the traditional and decentralized worlds of finance and support the development of a regulated path for the rapidly growing digital economy.

INX is developing the first of its kind digital assets trading hub that will operate on a fully regulated platform. Recently, the company issued the first SEC-registered security token IPO on the blockchain and is working rigorously to align blockchain technology within the regulatory framework.

As a new member of the Global DCA, INX will work with distinguished industry leaders and current members of Global DCA, including AON, KPMG, LMAX Digital, Steptoe & Johnson, Galaxy Digital, Anchorage, Blockdaemon, Casper Labs, and many others, to establish standards and best practices that address the significant challenges of the digital asset and cryptocurrency industry.

Renata Szkoda, co-founder and Chair of the Global DCA and newly appointed CFO of INX, will announce the INX collaboration with Global DCA at the 2022 CryptoConnection Conference in New York later this week. “The Global DCA was established to guide the evolution of digital assets, cryptocurrencies, and the underlying blockchain technology within a regulatory framework designed to foster market integrity and maximize economic opportunity for all participants,” stated Szkoda. “INX’s mission of bringing state-of-the-art solutions afforded by blockchain technology to all investors and stakeholders in a fully integrated and regulated environment is a prime example of responsible innovation in our industry. Although brilliant and with many opportunities, this new technology is not yet fully bulletproof and requires applicable rules and regulations.  I am very excited about INX joining the Global DCA and serving as the showcase of how the capital formation and trading in digital assets and securities can be offered responsibly in the evolving digital economy.  INX, similar to other members of Global DCA, is a true thought leader serving as a steward for the industry through its exemplary conduct and mature voice.”

“Regulators are increasingly paying closer attention to cryptocurrencies, as they should. We believe that a regulated tokenized economy is the future, and that is the vision towards which we are working,” says INX CEO Shy Datika. “As we help lay the groundwork for the first regulated digital asset trading ecosystem, we are thrilled to join forces with an organization that is serving as the lighthouse to the true democratization of finance. We’re excited about what’s to come.”

About The INX Digital Company, Inc.

The INX Digital Company owns INX Group (INX), which operates regulated trading platforms for digital securities and cryptocurrencies that trade 24/7/365. Founded by Shy Datika in 2017, INX’s vision is to be the preferred global regulated hub for all digital assets on the blockchain. INX is on a mission to help list companies as publicly-traded digital securities on the blockchain in a regulated environment with oversight from the SEC and FINRA. This journey started with the first-ever SEC-registered initial public offering of a security token on the blockchain – the INX Token – in which INX raised $83 million from more than 7,200 retail and institutional investors worldwide.

In addition to operating two regulated trading platforms for blockchain assets, the INX Digital Company’s interdealer broker – I.L.S. Brokers – will soon offer non-deliverable cryptocurrency forwards to leading global banks. For more information about INX, please visit INX.co

About Global DCA,

The Global DCA, is a global self-regulatory association for the digital asset and cryptocurrency industry. It was established to guide the evolution of digital assets, cryptocurrencies, and the underlying blockchain technology within a regulatory framework designed to build public trust, foster market integrity, and maximize economic opportunity for all participants. The broad-based membership includes digital asset trading platforms, proprietary trading firms, institutional investors, fund managers, merchant banks, brokerage firms, miners, node operators, custodians, banks, law firms, auditing firms, insurance professionals, academics, consultants, and others.

To fulfill our mission, Global DCA creates standards and consensus-based solutions designed to address major challenges facing the digital asset and cryptocurrency industry. In doing so, it collaborates with stakeholders around the world, including industry leaders, professionals, policymakers, and regulators, to:

  • advocate for a regulatory environment that allows innovation and protects consumers, stakeholders, and the broader public interest;
  • provide education, training, certification, and other resources to build human and technical capacity;
  • provide thought leadership and facilitate industry engagement; and
  • oversee our members through a self-regulatory mechanism that is guided by principles of accountability, integrity, and transparency to promote the highest professional and ethical standards.

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