INX: Building A New Regulated Digital Asset Trading Ecosystem

“If you don’t build castles in the air,” said Victor Hugo, “you won’t build anything on the ground.” We too had a vision and have worked to turn it into a reality in the past year. We have now reached that moment. 

INX has spent the past 12 months following our successful NEO RTO laying the groundwork to build out the first regulated digital asset trading ecosystem. 

We’ve spent the past year quietly shoring up our bank account to almost $90MM. We’ve accumulated licenses that allow us to trade crypto in 40 U.S. states and territories, as well as trading securities in every state while curating a pipeline of exclusive issuers to bring to the market as either IPOs or private offerings. 

We are working to raise capital for apps, a Premier League soccer team, a considerable ESG player, Bitcoin miners offering high variable yields, and many others. When we raise this capital, we bring along these issuers’ communities as well – one has 600,000 potential buyers just from their fanbase alone.

Bridging Economies

INX was the first to issue a SEC-registered security token IPO on the blockchain. The INX Token is the first registered security that can trade 24/7, 365. Since our IPO, the number of wallets holding our token has increased by over 25%. We recently opened a referral program and saw over 50K registrations – without any marketing – purely from word of mouth, organically fueled by the power of the INX community. 

Our untraditional actions and efforts will come together in the next few weeks with the release of our INX App on iOS and Google Play. While initially only for crypto traders, we expect to onboard a considerable number of investors who are looking for the next big thing, for the democratization of finance, liquidity, and new opportunities. 

Pioneering A New Tokenized Economy 

These investors will be introduced to our issuers, and we expect that by the fall they will be able to invest in new issues and trade crypto and securities 24/7, 365. Our investors will be able to do so from anywhere in the world, subject to Geo availability, and invest using local currencies directly, via Apple Pay on their Metamask wallet, or with USDC or ETH. 

Additionally, we are excited ahead of another significant milestone as INX’s OTC listing is coming up. This will allow our US followers to finally buy our equity security that currently only trades on the NEO Exchange in Canada. 

The supportive and loyal community we’ve grown organically over the past year, and the relationships that we have built, are unlike anything else out in the trading space, let alone within crypto. 

There is a continued hunger for crypto and regulated securities, and we are here to feed this rapidly growing interest where adopters want it and when they want it. We’ve prepared the ground to allow individuals, institutions, and issuers to trade responsibly. 

Now that we are establishing more avenues for the world to access crypto and digital securities, we are ready to become the leading trading platform for informed and responsible investors. The future is now.