Real World Assets:
When Anything in The Real World
Can be Tokenized

And where you can be the owner of a digitalized piece of the Real World.

What Are
Real World Assets?

Anything in the world can be tokenized. You can tokenize a company, a game, a currency, or even a football club. Anything that exists in the real world can have a digital representation on the blockchain. These assets, known as real-world assets or RWA, offer potential profits, investment portfolio diversity, and combine the benefits of both the real world and the blockchain. Until now, you could only buy and hold onto your purchases, but with INX, you can now participate in a marketplace where you can trade RWAs.

Real Value

RWAs are physical assets like real estate or commodities that hold inherent worth, offering stability when markets are unpredictable. They combine the stability of physical assets with the potential growth seen in cryptocurrencies.


They help spread risk in your investments by adding assets that don’t move in sync with stocks and bonds. This diversification is often more reliable than relying solely on traditional fiat-based investments.

New Ways to

RWAs can be tokenized on blockchain, letting you buy small shares, trade anytime, and tap into global markets easily for better opportunities. This accessibility and flexibility are advantages over traditional fiat investments, which often have more restricted trading hours and access.
Why Trade Real
World Assets?

The world is moving towards tokenization, where everyone can own a piece. That’s why having a marketplace to trade RWAs is crucial. INX offers the first marketplace of its kind, facilitating peer-to-peer transactions and providing custodian services with third-party reviews. These reviews ensure regulated oversight, watching over every transaction to guarantee they are conducted correctly and transparently. The benefits are wide and with a long reach. For example: try our newest RWA – bNVDA


In today’s rapidly evolving financial landscape, trading Nvidia as a tokenized share offers unprecedented opportunities. This innovative approach combines Dual Currency Trading, Fractional Ownership, and Global Trading 24/7, revolutionizing how investors engage with assets. Imagine seamlessly buying tokenized shares of NVIDIA using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum, and navigating global markets effortlessly.


Dual Currency Trading

Trade NVIDIA shares with both cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies, enhancing transactional flexibility.

Fractional Ownership

Invest in fractional shares of NVIDIA, opening up high-value assets to broader investor participation.

Global Trading 24/7

Access markets around the clock, 365 days a year, maximizing trading opportunities and flexibility.

This framework empowers investors to diversify their portfolios and capitalize on market movements like never before.

Greater Investment
Opportunities For All

For individual investors

Trading tokenized assets, like NVIDIA shares, expands investment opportunities to leverage NVIDIA’s growth potential. With fractional ownership and 24/7 trading availability, diversify your portfolio easily and seize market opportunities around the clock. Benefit from enhanced liquidity and transparency, empowering active participation in the dynamic tech sector.

For issuers

Tokenize your assets—like football clubs, real estate, or any valuable entity—on the blockchain. Issuing tokenized assets expands global investor access. Streamline with fractional ownership and 24/7 trading, reducing admin and ensuring compliance. Preserve equity control while accelerating market engagement, unlocking growth opportunities. Trade all tokenized assets on with crypto and fiat for liquidity and accessibility.

For Entities

You can tokenize assets like real estate or intellectual property on the blockchain to access global markets directly. Trade tokens with crypto and fiat currencies on’s platform, and seize opportunities to invest in new Real World Assets (RWAs) early on for strategic portfolio growth.
Available Security Tokens

We use MetaMask to facilitate ROWs trading

Bringing DeFi to TradFi, simply connect your MetaMask wallet to INX.One and start trading Real World Assets

We lead the financial revolution with Real World Assets, whether created by us or just traded on

INX Token was the pioneering RWS to list on the blockchain, becoming the first public SEC-registered token of its kind accessible to both the US general public and global investors.

INX Token

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