A Beginner’s Guide to Connecting A Metamask Wallet to Avalanche (AVAX)

The INX Digital Company INC | December 18, 2023
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In the evolving Web3 world, integrating different networks with your crypto wallet isn’t a convenience but a necessity. Your crypto wallet allows you to send/receive and interact with dApps easily; it is an essential part of your identity in the crypto space. 

Avalanche, with its high-speed, EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine)-compatible blockchain, is one of the leading blockchains. So, it is understandable that most crypto enthusiasts can’t do without interactions with the Avalanche crypto network.

AVAX wallets allow you to access the Avalanche network and carry out transactions on the network. In this guide, we walk you through the process of setting up an AVAX wallet on Metamask and everything you should know about how it works. 

What is an AVAX Wallet?

An AVAX wallet is a digital wallet specifically designed to store, send, and receive AVAX, the native cryptocurrency of the Avalanche blockchain. Like other cryptocurrency wallets, an AVAX wallet manages private and public keys associated with the user’s Avalanche assets and interacts with the Avalanche network to execute transactions.

AVAX wallets are designed to be compatible with the Avalanche network’s unique features, such as its multiple blockchains (X-Chain, C-Chain, and P-Chain). While there are several wallet software to select from to create an AVAX wallet, Metamask is widely used. 

What is Metamask? 

Metamask is used to safely interact with the Ethereum blockchain, its associated applications, and Ethereum-compatible networks known as EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) chains. 

MetaMask is available as a browser extension for browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Brave, making it easily accessible while browsing the web. There is also a mobile app version that functions as a standalone wallet and a gateway to decentralized applications. 

How to Create Your AVAX Wallet in Metamask

Before you add the Avalanche wallet to your MetaMask wallet, ensure you’ve set up your Metamask wallet. Download and install MetaMask on your desktop browser or mobile device if you haven’t already. 

To use your wallet, you must set it up by creating a new one or importing an existing one. You will need the secret recovery phrase (SRP) from the existing wallet to import an existing wallet. If you create a new wallet, you’ll get a secret recovery phrase (SRP), which is usually 12 random words. 

Keep your secret recovery phrase (SRP) in a safe place because it provides full access to your funds and wallet. Since Metamask is a non-custodial wallet, you’re in charge of protecting your recovery phrase. If you lose access to your wallet, you can regain access with your recovery phrase. 

How To Add Avalanche Network to MetaMask on Desktop 

There are two ways to add the Avalanche chain to your Metamask account. The first method includes selecting the Avalanche C-chain from the list of available networks. Click on “Select Network” from the top left corner and select Add Network.

You should see Avalanche Network Chain from the list of popular custom networks. Click on the add button beside the selection to add the Avalanche network to your Metamask.

If, for some reason, you can’t find the Avalanche network on the list of custom networks, the other method is to add the Avalanche network details manually to Metamask. You’ll need to navigate to the “Add a network manually” section; It will be under the list of popular networks.

To complete the process, you must fill in the Avalanche chain details. Below are the details you need to provide.

  • Network Name: Avalanche Network
  • New RPC URL: https://api.avax.network/ext/bc/C/rpc
  • Chain ID: 43114
  • Symbol: AVAX
  • Block Explorer URL: https://cchain.explorer.avax.network/

Select Save to add the Avalanche network to the wallet. 

How to Add Avalanche Network to Metamask on the Mobile App 

The process to add Avalanche network to your Metamask mobile App is almost the same as the desktop, with just minor differences. To start, you will need to navigate to the top part of the screen and click on the markdown.

Clicking on the markdown takes you to the “Select a Network” field. Click on “Add Network” to view all the available networks.

Add Avalanche Mainnet C-Chain from the selection. To add manually, select the “Custom Networks” field and fill in the necessary details as explained in the Desktop section.

Troubleshooting Common Issues when Adding Avalanche Network to Metamask 

It is common to run into some problems when setting up an AVAX wallet in Metamask, so don’t worry if you get any form of error. This section covers the most common forms of errors and how to deal with them quickly.

Connection Errors

If you experience difficulties connecting to the Avalanche network, the first step is to verify the network details. Ensure the RPC URL (https://api.avax.network/ext/bc/C/rpc) and Chain ID (43114) are correctly entered. Typos or outdated URLs can often cause connection issues.

Network Switching Issues

Sometimes, MetaMask might not immediately reflect the switch to the Avalanche network. If this occurs:

  • Try refreshing the MetaMask extension or app.
  • Clear your browser cache if using MetaMask on a desktop browser.
  • If the issue persists, restart your browser or mobile app.

Transaction Failures

To successfully conduct transactions on the Avalanche network, you must have AVAX in your wallet to cover transaction fees. If transactions fail, check your AVAX balance; you might need to transfer a small amount of AVAX to your wallet. You can buy AVAX directly with fiat on INX to send to your Metamask; check here for our guide on buying AVAX on INX. 

Also, make sure to review the gas fee settings in MetaMask to ensure they are appropriate for the Avalanche network. 

Wallet Sync Problems

In some cases, your wallet may not sync correctly after adding the Avalanche network. If this happens, first check your internet connection. A stable connection is crucial for syncing.

If the issue still persists with a good network, log out of MetaMask and log back in. As a last resort, consider reinstalling the MetaMask extension or app. Ensure you have your wallet’s recovery phrase before uninstalling.

Seeing Incorrect Balances

If your AVAX balance doesn’t appear correct, or if tokens aren’t showing up, ensure that you have added the token addresses correctly to your MetaMask wallet. Reload the extension/app because bad connections can affect the balance display as well.

If you have confirmed the token address and balance, try using an Avalanche block explorer to confirm the transactions and balances. 

General Functionality Issues

If MetaMask behaves unexpectedly after adding the Avalanche network, check for any updates to the MetaMask extension or app, as updates can resolve known issues. You can also consult MetaMask’s support or community forums for solutions to specific problems.

More About Avalanche Crypto and AVAX 

The Avalanche chain stands out in the crypto world for its unique blend of speed, scalability, and decentralization, which is driven by its native token, AVAX. Unlike many blockchain platforms that rely on a single-chain structure, Avalanche uses multiple blockchains. 

This multi-chain framework includes three blockchains – the X-Chain, C-Chain, and P-Chain – to form an architecture that allows for diverse functionalities and optimized processing. A significant feature of Avalanche is its high transaction throughput and rapid finality. The platform can process thousands of transactions per second, up to 4500 TPS, with transaction finality occurring in seconds.

The C-Chain (Contract Chain) is fully compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and is an EVM chain. This makes it easy for developers to deploy Ethereum-based decentralized applications (dApps) on Avalanche. 

The Avalanche ecosystem supports a rapidly growing ecosystem, including DeFi, NFTs, enterprise applications, and security tokens. Dividend-paying security assets or RWAs are blockchain-based RWAs (real-world assets)  that pay regular dividend to investors all on-chain. 

Avalanche with its unique blend of speed and interoperability is one of the best blockchains to support these types of assets. The Republic Note is the first AVAX-based RWA token and it is listed on INX. Backed by a private equity portfolio, The Republic Note is offered by Republic, a private investing group that have invested over $2.5 billion into hundreds of companies. Learn more about the Republic Notes listing on INX. 

Understanding EVM Chains 

EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) Chains refer to blockchain networks that are compatible with Ethereum’s EVM, allowing them to execute Ethereum-based smart contracts and decentralized applications (dApps). 

They expand the Ethereum ecosystem by providing alternative environments for Ethereum dApps and users. EVM Chains often use bridging mechanisms to allow for the transfer of assets between themselves and Ethereum. 

This interoperability is crucial for transferring tokens and information across different blockchain networks. It also allows EVM chains to offer varied features like faster transaction speeds, lower fees, or different consensus mechanisms.

Examples of EVM-compatible chains include Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Polygon (Matic), and Avalanche’s C-Chain,

How Does Metamask Work? 

MetaMask is a software cryptocurrency wallet and a gateway to the Ethereum blockchain and other Ethereum-compatible (EVM chains) networks. While primarily designed for Ethereum, MetaMask allows you to switch to other EVM-compatible networks, like Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, or Avalanche.

When you first set up MetaMask, it generates a new Ethereum wallet for you, complete with a public address and a private key. The private key is encrypted and stored locally on your device for security. MetaMask then provides you with a seed phrase (a series of words) during setup, which is a backup of your wallet’s private key. This seed phrase can be used to restore your wallet if you lose access to your device.

MetaMask acts as an interface between your browser and Ethereum dApps. When you visit a dApp, it can request a connection to your MetaMask wallet. Once connected, you can interact with the dApp like playing games, trading tokens, and participating in DeFi platforms.

To send Ethereum (ETH) or other Ethereum-based tokens (like ERC-20 tokens or NFTs), you use MetaMask to create a transaction, which is then signed using your private key. MetaMask broadcasts this signed transaction to the Ethereum network, where it is confirmed and recorded on the blockchain. For receiving tokens, MetaMask provides you with a public address to which others can send tokens.


Can I use my existing Ethereum wallet on MetaMask to hold AVAX?

Yes, your Ethereum wallet on MetaMask can also hold AVAX once you add the Avalanche network, as they are both EVM-compatible.

Can I transfer tokens between the Ethereum and Avalanche networks directly in MetaMask?

No, direct transfers between different networks are not possible within MetaMask. You’ll need to use a bridge service to transfer assets between Ethereum and Avalanche.

Do I need AVAX in my wallet to interact with the Avalanche network?

Yes, you will need a small amount of AVAX in your wallet to pay for transaction fees on the Avalanche network. You can buy AVAX directly from a CEX like INX and send it to your Metamask. Check our guide on how to buy AVAX on INX safely for more information. 

Is it safe to add custom networks to MetaMask?

Yes, it’s safe as long as you’re using accurate and trusted network details. Always verify the information from official sources.

How can I switch back to the Ethereum network in MetaMask after using Avalanche?

Click on the network dropdown at the top of your MetaMask wallet and select the Ethereum network to switch back.

What should I do if I can’t see my AVAX balance in MetaMask after transferring?

Ensure you’re on the Avalanche network in MetaMask. If the problem persists, check the transaction on an Avalanche block explorer for confirmation.

Does Avalanche Support Metamask?

Yes, you can use MetaMask with the Avalanche network. MetaMask supports Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)-compatible blockchains like Avalanche. Adding the Avalanche network to MetaMask’s custom RPC settings lets you easily interact with Avalanche’s ecosystem using your MetaMask wallet. This includes sending and receiving AVAX tokens and interacting with dApps on the Avalanche platform.

The INX Digital Company INC December 18, 2023

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