Top 3 Crypto Launchpads (And Why INX isn’t One)

David Azaraf | July 2, 2023
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As the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology continues to evolve, the need for reliable and trustworthy launchpads becomes more critical. A crypto launchpad is a platform that offers initial token offerings, fundraising, and community-building opportunities for new blockchain projects. In this article, we will explore the top 4 crypto launchpads and why INX isn’t one of them.

What is a Crypto Launchpad?

A crypto launchpad is a platform that provides blockchain startups with a range of services that help them launch their projects, build a community, and raise capital. These platforms are designed to offer entrepreneurs an all-in-one solution for launching their projects, including features such as token issuance, distribution, and management, fundraising, community building, and marketing tools.

Why is INX Different?

INX is a unique launchpad that differs from the others on this list in that it is a launchpad for regulated security token offerings, not just crypto tokens. The key difference is regulation. Any issuer that raises capital through INX must first comply with securities regulations or issue the securities under a valid exemption. In most cases, this means applying for one of the SEC’s exemptions, which allows for the private placement of securities such as Reg D or Reg S. There is also a KYC/AML requirement for both issuers and investors. This regulatory compliance makes INX an excellent choice for Web3 entrepreneurs looking to sell equity, profit share or tokenized real-world assets.

Top 3 Crypto Launchpads

Coinlist: One of the most popular crypto launchpads, Coinlist is known for hosting some of the most successful token sales such as Solana and Flow. 

PancakeSwap: A decentralized launchpad that allows for the creation and launch of tokens, PancakeSwap, is built on the Binance Smart Chain, which allows for fast, low-cost transactions. In addition to token sales, PancakeSwap’s platform also offers a variety of liquidity pools, yield farming opportunities, and other DeFi services. 

DAO Maker: DAO Maker is a blockchain-based platform that helps entrepreneurs launch their projects and provides a suite of fundraising and marketing tools. The platform is designed to assist startups in creating and growing decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) and has hosted successful token sales such as Orion Protocol and Ferrum Network. DAO Maker’s focus on DAOs and community building makes it an excellent choice for entrepreneurs looking to build a strong community around their projects.

The Difference Between Security Tokens and Crypto

While both security tokens and crypto tokens operate on blockchain technology, they serve different purposes and have unique characteristics. Security tokens represent ownership in an underlying asset, such as a revenue stream, equity in a company, or a piece of real estate. As such, they are subject to regulatory frameworks and offer investors legal rights and protections. Meanwhile, crypto tokens are primarily designed as digital currencies or utility tokens within decentralized networks. They serve as a medium of exchange and store of value, enabling peer-to-peer transactions without the need for intermediaries. 

Regulators around the world have made it clear that many crypto tokens should in fact be registered as securities, which is something Web3 companies should think about when considering security tokens vs utility tokens for their projects.

Crypto + Security Tokens Trading Side-by-Side The INX Way

INX is a regulated token launchpad, offering Web3 companies a smart way to raise money through a security token offering (STO.) Our platform covers token creation, issuance, investor onboarding, and secondary market trading. INX offers a global investor network and a secure trading platform for token holders. By offering a regulated and compliant marketplace, INX enables users to seamlessly navigate between the world of digital currencies and security tokens. 

If you would like to discover how INX could help you with your token offering, visit our raise page. 

David Azaraf July 2, 2023

Crypto enthusiast, help businesses plug into the token economy


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