Platform update v2.11.0

The INX Digital Company INC | June 28, 2023
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API for Security Tokens

API support for Security Tokens trading is now available. Users will be able to generate API keys for use with security tokens trading, as has already been available on the Cryptocurrencies side. Various trading actions and Report generation will be available to Security Tokens users now as well.

UI upgrades!

Various UI upgrades have been developed to improve the overall user experience and provide a much smoother journey navigating through several sections of the platform. These include: 

  • Intuitive indicators and prompts when a user needs to link their Metamask Wallet to be able to complete any investment actions. These will make sure that there is no confusion as to when or why a Metamask wallet needs to be linked to their account to be able to proceed; as well as the pop-ups being overall more clear to understand.

  • The onboarding procedure has been streamlined for a smoother and faster overall process while maintaining all the necessary KYC collection necessary to open a new account. Meaning users will have a smoother time gaining access to all the features the platform has to offer!
  • No more confusion as to whether you are Approved or still need to follow up on anything onboarding related. It is now much more clear what the status of a user’s approval is for both Security Tokens and/or Cryptocurrencies directly in your profile. This will allow for users to be able to address any pending actions needed to be approved for each type of account, and address these accordingly.

  • Token allowance is a commonly used feature of blockchain transactions. It is needed for INX to move your tokens if they are sold. Token allowance is granted using the ‘ERC20 approve’ method, which allows an address to transfer tokens, without revealing the private key of your wallet.

    Our new update makes it a lot more clear in the case of you having an Insufficient Allowance that will prevent a trade from settling. Now a clear pop-up will inform users as to how much more allowance needs to be set to be able to proceed, which can be done through the Metamask interface. More information on Token Allowances and how they work can be found in our helpful FAQ article.
  • To help make life easier when it comes to withdrawing your funds through crypto, it is now more clear as to where you need to input the wallet address that you want your funds to be sent to in the Withdrawal page interface.

The INX Digital Company INC June 28, 2023

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