Platform update v2.13.0

The INX Digital Company INC | September 5, 2023
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Platform Update Document for Version Release 2.13.0

  • Adding QA tool  –  Implementation of a Market Maker QA tool for Security Tokens load testing.

  • Backoffice improvements for whitelisting functions, onboarding and funding related actions >New ability to whitelist/delist wallets from the backoffice>Added clarity and error message for specific onboarding related errors>Funding page UI additions and internal filters for more precise reports

  • New internal risk screening mechanism – Additions to further support our risk screening provider and integration with the platform

  • INX Tokens transferred to a new testnet environment – Due to deprecation of the older Goerli testnet, future testnet actions will take place on the Sepolia faucet; which is a developer tool to get testnet Ether (ETH) in order to test and troubleshoot.

  • Wallet screening user interface improvements – Multiple funding tabs and user specific pages now include wallet screening results, for added efficiency, ease of use and improved access to the detailed screening results.

Hold and Save user interface improvements – General interface upgrade to clearly show users their entitled discount based on tokens held and how much they have saved through the program thus far.

The INX Digital Company INC September 5, 2023

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