Platform Update v3.0.0

The INX Digital Company INC | December 4, 2023
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  • Republic end to end integration – Integrations completed with Republic relating to onboarding existing and new Republic users, setting allowance for the Republic wallet and allowing converted deposits with the Republic wallet.
  • UI updates on site  – Textual updates to account for sections that no longer only reference a Metamask wallet and a new name for the ETH settlement fee has been changed to Network service fee; this allows to account for the Note being on the Avalanche network.
  • ACH section update – The minimum ACH withdrawal amount is now displayed on the funding page for users’ clarity.
  • Backoffice quality of life updates – Several sections in the backoffice have been updated for ease of use. These include indications for which wallet type is being referred to (Metamask or Republic wallet) and a fixed fee column added to the users ‘Trades’ tab in their profile.

The INX Digital Company INC December 4, 2023

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