Platform Update v3.3.0

The INX Digital Company INC | February 26, 2024
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AVAX for Converted Withdrawals and Deposits!

We’re thrilled to share an exciting update to our crypto conversion services that are available for users approved for Securities trading! Responding to your needs and the dynamic crypto landscape, we’re excited to announce that our platform now supports AVAX for both Converted Deposits and Converted Withdrawals, alongside Ethereum and USDC which until now were the options for this service.

Just as they can now users will be able to perform a converted deposit where they deposit crypto via their linked wallet and receive the USD equivalent in their Securities USD balance. But will now have the added option of depositing the AVAX currency. And likewise for converted withdrawals, where users will have the option to withdraw their USD into AVAX directly to their linked wallet.

You can read up more on Converted Deposits here:

And more on Converted Withdrawals here:

Wallet Whitelisting status clarity!

A much needed new feature allows users to be properly alerted if their wallet whitelisting attempt will need a bit more time than normal to complete.

On the trading page of the asset that you are trying to whitelist a wallet for will now clearly inform users if their wallet whitelisting has a slight issue, to make sure that users know that something needs a manual check by the INX team and that this process may take a bit longer than expected; which eliminates the uncertainty of whether the attempt failed and that our team will have a look and handle the situation accordingly. This loops in the user and allows transparency at all steps of the process.

The INX Digital Company INC February 26, 2024

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