Platform Update v3.4.0

The INX Digital Company INC | February 26, 2024
1 min read

More Information About our Security Tokens

At INX, we recognize that knowledge is power, especially when it comes to trading security tokens. To empower our users with comprehensive information, we’re thrilled to introduce a new feature in our trade dashboard: the “Learn More” button. Available for each security token, this feature directs you to a dedicated page brimming with essential details about the token, ensuring you’re well-informed for every trade.

Our commitment to your trading success is unwavering, and this enhancement is a testament to our dedication to providing the support and confidence you need to excel.

Expanded ACH Bank Support

We’re delighted to announce significant strides in our efforts to broaden our banking network for ACH transactions. Remember, ACH offers swift and efficient bank transfers exclusively for our U.S. residents. This expansion means more flexibility and convenience for your financial transactions.

Refined Design for Market Overview

We’ve fine-tuned our “All Markets” table, resulting in a more streamlined and visually appealing presentation of the assets traded on INX. Here is a glimpse of how it looks after the improvements : 

The INX Digital Company INC February 26, 2024

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