Turncoin: The First Revenue-Sharing Token in History

David Azaraf | February 6, 2023
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As pioneers of the new digital economy, INX is proud to work alongside visionary founders to spark their business through licensed security token offering (STOs). STOs are still a novelty and the playbook for raising capital through security token offerings is being written in real-time. We are excited to partner with Turncoin, a company operating a global talent marketplace, on their quest to raise $70 million for this revenue-sharing security token.

What is Turncoin?

what is Turncoin
What is Turncoin?

Turncoin is a digital company which is the world’s first trading platform for backing talent. Turncoin derives its value from a real-life practical global application of blockchain technology called VirtualStaX. It pays out 100% of the available global gross revenues of TheXchange (the VirtualStaX Ecosystem) in USDC to Turncoin holders as a pro-rata monthly yield.

VirtualStaX are digital trading cards that allow people in all passions of life to showcase their talents on a global stage and give friends, family and their global fan base the opportunity to buy VirtualStaX in them, participate in their journey and share in their success.

How Does it Work?

VirtualStaX are blockchain-verified digital trading cards for talented individuals that fans can buy, sell, trade, and collect on TheXchange (StaX.app) . VirtualStaX opens up a new stream of potential income for talented individuals based on their performance. Professionals can use it as an opportunity to monetize their popularity, and amateurs can have an avenue to fund their dreams by allowing fans worldwide to participate in their journey, access premium content, and share in their success

StaX Issuers (aka the talents) can register their own StaX in categories like sports, music, art, entertainment, influencers, inventors, celebrities, and more. As an investor, you do not have to have the talent to enjoy the profits of talent.

To date Turncoin has been backed by big names in sports and entertainment like Cam Jordan, Drew Brees, Luke Bryan, Patrick Mahomes.

A Wealth of Opportunities on INX

INX has recognized the talent and is proud to announce the first fan economy security token offering: Turncoin (TXC).

This week, INX is enabling Turncoin’s (TXC) $70M digital security primary capital raise, which is available to U.S. accredited investors and all non-U.S. investors, including retail and institutional investors.

The very essence of Turncoin’s tokenization is based on the talents and potential successes of those afforded the opportunity to be recognized. Any person, across the globe, that has the passion to make a difference in their own special way is a potential Issuer of their own token. The blockchain-verified digital trading cards entitles fans to buy, sell, trade, and collect on TheXchange (StaX.app)

This is the opportunity to invest in a human start-up that revolves around talent. Talented individuals looking for the opportunity to share their worth, and talented investors that recognize that talent.

To invest in Turncoin, visit here

David Azaraf February 6, 2023

Crypto enthusiast, help businesses plug into the token economy


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