February 2022 Newsletter

David Azaraf | February 1, 2022
3 min read

As February draws to a close, it’s time to update our 8,888-strong INX Token holder community with recent developments.

Regarding INX Securities, we added a number of new funding opportunities. Now the fastest way to fund your account is through transferring ETH or USDC directly onto the platform. Over the past week we saw 200+ investors make such transfers, and the average wait time was about 20 minutes. This option is available 24/7/365; this is significantly faster than the prior 3-day wait and is more in line with community expectations. We also brought back ACH deposits and are working on making them settle faster. For withdrawals outside the United States, we have provided SWIFT direct processing to bank accounts.

We continue to work with new issuers on capital raises, and expect to announce very soon a number of primary offerings. As a reminder, we are able to offer new issuers the ability to raise capital on our platform. As part of our “nose-to-tail” solution, we are able to help issuers through all aspects of the capital raise process, from minting tokens, smart contract design, marketing, KYC/AML all the way to token distribution. The companies we are working with are exciting and innovative and we look forward to introducing them to the world.

Regarding INX Crypto, we added another MT License (Kentucky), bringing to 34 the number of US States and Territories where we can do business. We also added the metaverse favorite SAND to the platform, joining AVAXC. We expect to add more in March. We also added another layer to our API, market data, and this is available at https://ticker-crypto.inx.co. The INX REST API public endpoints provide live market data for all of INX’s markets. This market data is public (an INX account is not required) and can be accessed using any HTTP client.

Our CBO, Douglas Borthwick, spent time with Altcoin Daily discussing the INX vision, and the video can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oNQSldbFanQ.

In addition, our General Counsel, Cathy Yoon, spoke a number of times with Protocol, her interview can be found here: https://www.protocol.com/fintech/inx-cathy-yoon-crypto.

We were excited to see Raz Hershko–an Israeli Olympic judoka we support–winning the bronze medal as part of the Grand Slam competition in Tel Aviv. She continues to wow us in every competition!

INX hits the road in March and April, with our presenting at the Invenium conference on March 16th, and sponsoring the Bitcoin conference in Miami on April 6-9. Please stop by our booth and say hi! Our mobile app continues to go through development and we continue to expect it hitting the App and Google Play Stores in late March to early April. It’s exciting to see the growth in adoption of crypto globally. We expect the app, in combination with enhanced marketing, will certainly aid us in bringing folks to the INX community.

Thank you

Team INX.

David Azaraf February 1, 2022

Crypto enthusiast, help businesses plug into the token economy


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