January 2023 Newsletter

The INX Digital Company INC | February 2, 2023
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As we celebrate the end of 2022, let’s toast to yesterday’s accomplishments and tomorrow’s brightest prospects.

“Knowledge is Power. Information is liberating.” Kofi Annan

The INX Way

As pioneers in this new digital economy, we were proud to launch The INX Way, a handy and informative guidebook to the future written by INX’s leadership and leadership and industry experts. For the first time ever, this book outlines the path to building a secure, regulated, and potentially prosperous future through digital securities. It educates market participants, legal professionals, issuers, and investors who are exploring alternative investments, shatters myths, and reveals new investment opportunities and innovative ways to raise capital.

The INX Way will soon be made available to the general public.

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Discussing the Future of Finance with the SEC Commissioner

The first copies of The INX Way were distributed at Duke University during the recent Digital Assets conference; one of the first recipients was SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce, who sat down for a long and fruitful conversation with INX’s leadership.

INX founder and CEO Shy Datika, who took part in a special panel focusing on security tokens, emphasized the significance of The INX Way and said that INX has been working alongside U.S. regulators to increase access and opportunities for investors in the digital market. He shared the hope that readers will learn from our experience and transform their new knowledge into actionable insights.

Another Unique Security Token Is Now On INX

This month, we were excited to announce the listing of the TurnCoin security token, the first security token offering to the fan economy, which is now available exclusively and for a limited time on INX.One. This primary capital raise offers investors an opportunity to own a share in the potential global gross revenue of the “world’s first exchange for talent.” The fact that TurnCoin derives its value and yield from the real-life, practical application of blockchain technology through VirtualStaX differentiates it from other digital security offerings.

This $70 million primary capital raise is now available to U.S. accredited investors and all non-U.S. investors.
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What’s Trading on INX.One

INX.One also features the Trucpal Security Token, the first security token for the Chinese freight market that potentially enables earnings from the company’s future profits and dividends; the Advent security token, Hollywood’s first entertainment security token offering, that offers a rare opportunity to participate in potential future profits of Hollywood productions, video games, etc.; and the Treasure Experience token, the first security token that opens a treasure chest to potential profits from monetizable items rescued from shipwrecks and global treasure sites. More exciting offerings will soon be available on the platform.

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INX Receives SOC 2 Certification

We were proud to announce this month that we successfully completed the SOC 2 certification process with the assistance of Ernst & Young, demonstrating our commitment to security and ethics. The SOC 2 certification is a widely-recognized auditing standard for service organizations that handle sensitive customer information; it evaluates the security, integrity, and privacy of a company’s systems and data. The SOC 2 certification reflects INX’s proactive efforts to ensure the protection of its systems and data and the trust of its customers.
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Earn 75% Through our Referral Program

When you refer your friends to INX.One, you earn 75% on every crypto trade they make. The more you refer, the more you earn. All you have to do is copy and share your unique referral link located under “Referral Program” in your INX.One account. Support each other for a profitable trading experience.

Leading Core Principles for Self Regulation

The Global DCA, of which we are proud to be a member, announced the establishment of a steering committee to highlight core principles for the self-regulation of digital assets. The committee, based on the principle of inclusion and transparency, includes members from different sectors of the digital economy. The Association is calling on the industry itself to adopt these principles and address the causes of recent crypto business failures. We believe that this is the time to leverage practical experience in correcting shortcomings. We are proud that Renata K Szkoda, INX’s CFO, has been named as a leading chairperson of the steering committee; this is a feather in the cap for INX and a recognition of Renata’s standing in the industry.

Security Tokens are Winning Over the Skeptics

In a special article for The Block, entitled ‘Could security tokens representing real-world assets dominate 2023’? INX Deputy CEO and COO Itai Avneri explains how security tokens transform how we own and trade assets and why we should all arm ourselves with information that will lead us to new and safe investment opportunities and new ways to achieve our financial goals.

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Altcoin Daily Outlines INX’s Roadmap for 2023

Our CPO, Maia Naor, along with our CBO, Jonathan Azeroual, sat for a lengthy comprehensive interview with Altcoin Daily and shared exciting info and updates. Security tokens, regulation, used cases, and new offerings on INX.One got center stage.

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INX in a New FRC Report

The Fundamental Research Corp. has conducted a new analysis of INX, including INX.One, our multiple unique services and outstanding position. Its report states that “the company’s primary revenue generator is currently its full-service inter-dealer foreign exchange broker, but the platform for security token trading and IPOs is expected to be the primary growth driver.” In addition, it mentions that INX is ‘’currently pursuing three STOs simultaneously, and upcoming catalysts include the completion of these STOs and the ramping up of token trading services.” It also notes our partnership with SICPA to develop CBDCs. “As its MCAP is lower than net cash/investments, we believe current price levels offer an attractive entry point“, concludes the report.

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Our Community Welcomes Indiana

We continue to expand our operations, and this month, we were glad to make INX.One available to traders in one more US state, Indiana. We welcome our new friends and are happy to continue to provide a wealth of investment opportunities to more and more individuals and continue to expand our community of communities.
Onboarding INX.One

What’s Trending on INX.One

Our platform provides a wealth of investment opportunities as well as a new wealth of information. We believe that responsible trading begins with relevant information, and our experts are here to provide it. This month we added new articles, blogs, and other resources to INX.One, that can broaden perspectives and contribute to a better understanding of this market.

If you’d like us to write about a specific topic, please email us at [email protected]

To read our newest articles:

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INX is Bringing Security Tokens to Davos

The INX Capital Markets team of Bob Ejodame and Gadi Buch attended the World Economic Forum in Davos to join the growing conversations and multiple events around tokenization and Web3. From private equity funds looking at tokenization to large global firms seeking partnerships, attendees paid close attention to INX as a fully regulated, blockchain-enabled player in the capital markets. We were glad to share our vision and ignite further growth of our ecosystem.

As we wrap up the first eventful month of 2023, we look forward to making more exciting announcements in the coming weeks.

As always, we are indebted to the INX community, our invaluable partners who accompany us on this path toward a new digital economy.

The INX Digital Company INC February 2, 2023

The INX Digital Company inc. is an expert in the field of finance, crypto and digital securities.


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