June 2022 Newsletter

David Azaraf | June 1, 2022
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July 1, 2022

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dream.”  Eleanor Roosevelt  

The future is here, and our dreams are rapidly transforming into reality. We conceived it, planned it, and did it. This has been an eventful month for the economy, for the crypto market, and for INX. Despite the global economic hurdles, our principles and rigorous security and regulation measures allowed us to sail through the storm. 

As July kicks in, It’s time to update our special INX community members on the most recent developments


App and Running 

This month we officially launched our new INX Crypto App with a bang. The app was rapidly embraced by our dedicated INX community members, who were quick to share the news on social media and show off their special app badge on their social media handles. In the weeks since, more and more new traders are onboarding the INX Crypto App to buy, sell, and swap. The app is another milestone on our path towards INX One that will soon be revealed. The INX Crypto App can be downloaded from all the App Stores: iOS and Android.

INX Crypto App

Introducing a CBDC Ecosystem to Support Monetary Sovereignty

This month, we were proud to announce a groundbreaking, industry-shaping, joint venture with SICPA, a leading international provider of security inks and identification, traceability and authentication technologies. We have joined forces, technologies, and capabilities to bridge traditional and digital economies, and help governments digitize their monetary systems. Together, we will develop a holistic solution for all stakeholders worldwide so that they can utilize digital currencies in a secure, scalable environment. INX’s Deputy CEO and COO, Itai Avneri: “Along with SICPA, we harness the power of blockchain to cultivate a holistic solution that addresses the key requirements for CBDC, which include privacy-preserving, security, financial inclusion, resilience, and more.”


Joining the Fight for Regulations 

Ahead of our visit to the Global DCA CryptoConnection 2022 Conference this month, we announced our new membership in the Global Digital Asset & Cryptocurrency Association (Global DCA), the self-regulatory association for the digital asset and cryptocurrency industry. Through our shared mission, INX and the Global DCA strive to bridge the traditional and decentralized worlds of finance and support the development of a regulated path for the rapidly growing digital economy. Together we will work to lead the establishment of a tokenized economy and bring regulated digital asset opportunities to all investors.

Global DCA CryptoConnection

We are Sailing Through the Storm

Recent market events highlighted the importance of solid liquidity risk management, and our CEO, Shy Datika, is determined to assure our devoted traders that INX is doing things differently. In an open letter, he reassured our customers that today, more than ever, they can feel safe and secure. We do not borrow or lend client assets. Our cryptocurrency and digital securities platforms are fully regulated, and we are committed to adopting all regulatory requirements. We believe in regulation, and therefore we are a transparent public company. Read the full letter below

solid liquidity risk management

Introducing Two New Assets on Our App

We keep our platform interesting and work tirelessly to provide our community of traders with a world of opportunities in crypto and digital securities trading. This month we introduced two popular new assets to the platform, allowing INX traders to explore more exciting options and potentially expand their portfolios.

Download the app to learn more: : iOS and Android

Introducing Two New Assets on Our App
Uniswap and Curve Finance

INX All Over The World

From Palo Alto to Austin, and all the way to Amsterdam, our INXperts attended exciting conferences, where they shared our innovative ways to raise capital and the new opportunities we create through INX digital securities. 

INX All Over The World

In Money2020, Itai Avneri, our Deputy CEO, discussed the future of fintech, STOs, and the unparalleled opportunities of a tokenized economy.  

opportunities of a tokenized economy

Our Head of Business Development, John Song, attended Consensus 2022, where he introduced INX and discussed our unique capital raise program, through which we do for others what we successfully did for ourselves.

John Song, attended Consensus 2022

Around the same time, all the way in Palo Alto, our CBO, Douglas Borthwick, gave a memorable lecture to Plug & Play’s engaged audience and was impressed by their great interest in capital raise by means of digital securities. 

Summer is at its peak, and we are too. INX’s vision is more important today than ever, and we continue to establish the solid ground that will allow individuals, institutions, and issuers to trade responsibly. 

As always, we are indebted to the INX community and our partners on this journey, helping us pioneer a new tokenized economy. Stay tuned.

David Azaraf June 1, 2022

Crypto enthusiast, help businesses plug into the token economy


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