November 2022 Newsletter

The INX Digital Company INC | December 1, 2022
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As we wrap up another eventful month, we’d like to update our INX community on our recent events and actions.

“Do the right thing. It will gratify some people and astonish the rest.” 

                                                                                                                         Mark Twain

What a month it has been!  

A month of disillusionment, unprecedented chaos that will inevitably lead to clarity and a distinction between right and wrong. 

As so many people have endured shocking losses and are left with so many questions, one thing is crystal clear: Everyone needs protection, and the industry needs regulations in order to realize its full potential and provide a solid foundation for the new and improved digital economy. 

Operating with checks and balances is in our DNA. 

Exactly five years ago, INX was founded on the premise that regulations protect investors. These same regulations enabled the creation of a trading platform that today provides a solid and sustainable solution for the future. In our letter to the INX community earlier this month, we listed the elements that make INX.One uniquely secure and explained how INX puts customers first!  

Today, INX’s platform is certainly the only secure way to trade, invest and raise capital on the blockchain, 24/7/365, all under the regulatory umbrella of the SEC, FINRA, and state regulators. 

As we wrap up another eventful month, in which we proudly pioneered new developments and provided an investor safe harbor in a time of uncertainty, we’d like to update our INX community on our recent events and actions.   

INX Submits a Bid to Purchase Voyager Digital’s Assets 

During this major industry crisis, we, the pioneers of a responsible digital economy, consider it our mission to design solutions that would be unthinkable in the traditional environment. 

Earlier this week, we announced the submission of our bid to purchase Voyager Digital’s assets. 

In a recent CoinDesk article, our CFO, Renata Szkoda, articulated the breakthrough of INX’s designated security tokens which can provide creditors and customers access to potential company profits, giving them an opportunity to recover their losses. INX is reshaping the paradigm: We are geared to leverage the power and versatility of the regulated INX.One trading platform to preserve and create value for so many companies as they restructure.

INX Partners with Plug and Play

In a special 3-day event in Silicon Valley, we were proud to be announced as a new founding partner of the Plug and Play Crypto and Digital Assets program, along with industry giants Visa, AllianceBlock, IGT, and Franklin Templeton. The program aims to connect international startups with the founding partners to pilot startups’ technologies and drive the future of Crypto and Digital Assets as world-class leaders. We are confident it will further allow us to broaden our efforts to introduce a responsible digital economy while allowing more companies to utilize the blockchain through our primary and secondary offerings to raise capital responsibly. 

A Month of Wins

It has been a month of many wins. Securities.IO published its list of 5 Best Centralized Exchange Tokens; the INX Token was declared the one with the “most potential” of the five. Securities.IO  stated that “INX Token is particularly notable, as it was the first digital security registered with the SEC to be issued through a token offering.” In addition, INX was also a winner in the 3rd Annual TADS Awards in the Best of Class TADS category. The award presentation ceremony will be held in conjunction with the Web 3 & TADS Summit 2022 in December. 

INX is Leading the Conversation

As disarray in the industry mounts, it’s no surprise that the media has turned its attention to the safe harbor that INX provides. Over the past month, our innovative solutions to debt restructuring and bankruptcy losses were highlighted on media platforms like Coindesk, Securities.IO, and Benzinga, among others. 

In a special piece for Global Investors Group, our Deputy CEO, Itai Avneri, defines “Darwinism in the digital economy” and helps investors to better navigate their steps with the “must-haves” for investing in digital assets.

In an exclusive interview in Altcoin Daily, INX CBO Douglas Borthwick discussed the present turmoil and explained how INX is distinctly unique. 

Borthwick, as well as our North America CEO, Alan Silbert, joined special Benzinga Live interviews and provided crucial, real-time commentary and analysis of the present crisis.

Introducing New Investment Opportunities 

As we continue to prepare a wealth of new and exclusive investment opportunities this month, we introduced our latest token issuer, Advent Entertainment, to our community. On a special AMA hosted by our very own Douglas Borthwick, Advent’s CEO, Lee Baker, discussed the unique advantages of the Advent security token, Hollywood’s first entertainment token; giving investors an opportunity to invest in the Stan Lee (Yes, the guy behind the Marvel Universe) undeveloped IP for “Legion of 5” among other assets, listed exclusively on INX.One. 

The offering is now available to 2,000 U.S. accredited investors and all non-U.S. investors.

Along with Trucpal Security Token, the first security token for the Chinese freight market, which potentially enables earnings from the company’s future profits and dividends, the new listings can now be located/found on INX.One by clicking on the INVEST button. This opens a designated, newly designed page that provides you all the information you need about INX’s exclusive security token primary offerings. 

New Countries Added to INX ONE

We continue to expand our operations and provide people worldwide a safe and secure path to trade responsibly.  This month, INX.ONE became available to traders in four countries: Turks & Caicos Islands, Honduras, Zambia, and Gibraltar. We welcome our new INX’ers and are happy to provide them a wealth of investment opportunities.

To onboard INX ONE: signup link

As we conclude/recap this action-packed month, we are already geared toward a busy December ahead, “the most wonderful time of the year,” with new updates, announcements, and features that will allow us to expand our reach and further enhance our community’s trading experience.

As always, and especially during this upheaval time, we are indebted to our INX community, our invaluable partners who stand by us as we walk this path toward a new digital economy.

The INX Digital Company INC December 1, 2022

The INX Digital Company inc. is an expert in the field of finance, crypto and digital securities.


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