September 2022 Newsletter

David Azaraf | October 2, 2022
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We dreamt it. We built it. We achieved it.

This month we reached a significant milestone not only for INX, but for all those seeking the true democratization of finance and access to a wealth of investment opportunities. 

INX ONE is changing the paradigm as the world’s first fully regulated platform integrating cryptocurrency and security token trading, investment opportunities in security tokens, and capital raise services, all in ONE place.

As we bring you our monthly update, we are proud to show the community how our long-time vision of bridging traditional and digital economies is coming to life.

WSJ Features INX ONE Launch 

In an exclusive piece, the Wall Street Journal was the first to announce the official launch of INX ONE. In the piece, entitled “Building a bridge between crypto and the regulators,” reporter Paul Vigna draws a direct line between a model outlined by the SEC’s Chairman that allows for the side-by-side trading of both cryptocurrencies and security tokens and the INX ONE platform: “This model is exactly the kind of thing Gary Gensler has been talking about,” he writes and adds that in fact, it is now possible to offer digital assets that conform to existing laws.  Read the full article here.

INX ONE is Making Headlines 

As soon as INX ONE was officially announced, the leading media outlets were quick to spread the news. From CoinDesk, applauding INX’s principles of regulatory supervision and transparency, to Benzinga, noting that INX ONE can potentially bring in investors who have been hesitant until now to enjoy the benefits of blockchain technologies. See more of the media coverage here.

Live Platform Introduction 

Our dedicated INX community was invited to a special LIVE introduction of the INX ONE platform, which included a Q&A session. In this special broadcast across all our media platforms, our Chief Product Officer, Maia Naor, and Deputy CEO & COO, Itai Avneri, walked our global community of investors through the enhanced features and services, explaining how they can trade seamlessly on the world’s first wholly-integrated, regulated platform. Watch the full broadcast:

CeFi-Defi Talks at the Digital Asset Summit in NYC

This month, we attended the Digital Asset Summit in New York. As one of the proud sponsors of the event, we were glad to discuss our breakthrough solution for private and public companies seeking to raise funds and reveal our new platform in real-time, just as our CBO, Douglas Borthwick, was leading a panel about the convergence of CeFi and Defi architecture. He then used the opportunity to officially announce the news and explain the synergetic aspects of INX ONE. Watch the panel video:

INX Joins the Round Table in Chicago 

Our native Chicagoan, CFO Renata Szkoda, was the ideal INX presenter at The Trading Show Chicago. She joined the special round table dedicated to the topic of raising capital using Reg CF, Reg A, D, S, and the role of security tokens. She shared the unique story of our company’s first SEC-registered security token IPO, which closed with 92.9 million INX Tokens sold, and explained in length how we now assist other companies to follow the path we have paved. Learn about our capital raise service.

INX is On The Air 

This month, INX became the hot discussion on a few leading podcasts. On an episode of Untold Stories, our North America CEO, Alan Silbert, and our Deputy CEO and COO, Itai Avneri, explained why there are infinite use cases for security tokens and how INX is building a secure, regulated hub for the future. In an episode of the CRYPTO 101 podcast, the hosts focused on the pathway INX has paved for a regulated new economy with our CBO Douglas Borthwick, who shared the critical details of our efforts to complete the first SEC-registered security token IPO and how we now help others. In addition, he discussed the current macroeconomic climate and what it means for crypto assets in general.

A New Global General Counsel Announced 

We are honored to welcome Keren Avidar as our new Global General Counsel. With over two decades of legal expertise in international financial markets, Keren Avidar will lead the legal team on our continued mission to bridge economies worldwide. She will work closely with U.S. and international regulatory bodies to further expand our efforts. With her solid background and expertise, she is slated to play a significant role in our efforts to achieve our global goals. Learn more about our Global General Counsel.

New Countries Added to INX ONE

INX is expanding its operations and is now available for traders in four more countries and territories around the world: Bulgaria, Malta, Latvia, and Puerto Rico. We are happy to provide a wealth of investment opportunities to more and more people and thus grow our community of communities. To onboard INX ONE.

September was an exciting month for traders worldwide, thanks to the INX ONE launch. This is only the beginning: stand by for another month of new developments and the reveal of new opportunities available exclusively for you. 

As always, we are indebted to the INX community, who remain our devoted and invaluable partners on this path towards a new digital economy.

David Azaraf October 2, 2022

Crypto enthusiast, help businesses plug into the token economy


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