September 2023 Newsletter

The INX Digital Company INC | October 5, 2023
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“Remember to celebrate milestones as you prepare for the road ahead.” 
Nelson Mandela

How was your September?

We’ve had a busy few weeks filled with exciting news and achievements.

INX’s leaders chose their top September news.

Shy Datika
Co-Founder, CEO & Director

Korea Blockchain Week

The highlight of the month was our visit to Korea Blockchain Week. Among industry leaders gathered to discuss the future of finance, the INX team presented The INX Way, showcasing our global solutions for tokenized economies, and the reactions were phenomenal. Our Deputy CEO and COO presented our innovative tokenization use cases and sparking the curiosity of major Korean enterprises about embracing tokenization. The wheels are already in motion.

Itai Avneri
Deputy CEO & Chief Operations Officer

Introducing: Nabatech

A milestone was reached this month. After months of preparation, September began with a special announcement: the official launch of Nabatech, a modular CBDC solution for both retail and wholesale environments. This is a joint venture we are proud to undertake with Sicpa. We were honored to present it at the prestigious CBDC Conference in Istanbul, Turkey. Our teams held meetings with representatives from central banks, retail banks, technology providers, and global policymakers who share our commitment to shaping the future financial landscape. Exciting updates will follow.

Alan Silbert
CEO, North America & Director

A New State Joins Our Community

September expanded our community of communities. We were thrilled to announce that Virginia residents can now trade on INX.One. Within our cryptocurrency offerings, we provide a range of select digital assets and stablecoins for trading, investing, and account funding. INX continually expands its money transmitter licenses and registrations, enabling us to offer cryptocurrencies in 47 U.S. states and territories. Additionally, INX.One is extending its services to over 160 countries worldwide. We look forward to welcoming Virginians to our platform.

Renata Szkoda
Chief Financial Officer

Chief Financial Office of INX shares her months’ peak

Just a few weeks ago, we announced the upcoming INX.One listing of the Unicoin security token issued by Unicorn Hunters Show; we are extremely excited about this new addition. Unicoin represents a visionary approach to capital formation by founders of emerging growth companies and enables access to pre-IPO investment opportunities for investors globally, a vision that is at the core of INX’s existence. The addition of Unicoin to listed tokenized assets is a significant step toward building a new world of capital markets.

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The INX Digital Company INC October 5, 2023

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