Why Digital Securities?

Digital Securities exist to bridge the gap for smooth private and alternative asset transfers, providing an effective and uncomplicated venue for potential growth and opportunity.

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Why Digital Securities
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A Guide to Digital Securities

The assets covered by these digital securities can fall into various classes; fixed income, often referred to as a bond, and equity, what is commonly known as a stock. While there are others, the two types are the most prominent. Private equities are categorized as an alternative asset, and can be comprised of:

Alternative assets are a $9.5 trillion* industry but have a history beset with unfair investment trading prices and market friction caused by:

Market friction causes

What Are Digital Securities?

Digital securities are bringing the traditional asset investment strategies of the last century into the modern, technology-driven world of today. The basic idea is the same as normal securities but without the outdated and stuffy hurdles. By eradicating the need for snail-paced paper trails and implementing automated regulations on every trade, Digital securities are creating a seamless new style of trading.
There is no limit to what kind of alternative assets can be traded as digital securities. Real estate, venture capital, private equity, real assets, and hedge funds can all be digitized.

What Digital Securities Are NOT?

Digital securities are not a new way to classify an asset, nor are they a way to avoid compliance and regulations.
They are also NOT a form of cryptocurrency.*

"Preqin Investor Update: Alternative Assets H2 2019," Preqin 2019.

Any type of alternative assets can be digitized:

Icon OK
Real Estate
Icon OK
Venture Capital
Icon OK
Private Equity
Icon OK
Real Assets
Icon OK
Hedge Funds

Digital Securities are NOT:

Icon no OK
A cryptocurrency
Icon no OK
A non-compliant offering seeking to avoid regulation
Icon no OK
A new asset class

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