Why Digital Securities?

Digital securities eliminate many of the frictions that have long plagued the transfer of private and non-listed alternative assets, offering greater opportunity, efficiency and liquidity to investors and issuers.

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Why Digital Securities
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A Guide to Digital Securities

Securities exist across several different asset classes, the most popular being publicly registered equity and fixed income securities. Private securities, like those listed on Openfinance , fall into a category known as alternative assets and include:

Investments in the $9.5 trillion alternative asset industry have traditionally been difficult to buy and sell at fair prices because of:

What Are Digital Securities?

Digital securities are a digital representation of a security like an alternative asset – the same assets individuals and institutions have invested in for generations. The digital format removes many of the barriers of traditional investing, eliminating redundant paper-based processes and enforcing all relevant regulations automatically.

Any type of alternative assets can be digitized:

Real Estate
Venture Capital
Private Equity
Real Assets
Hedge Funds

Digital Securities are NOT:

A cryptocurrency
A non-compliant offering seeking to avoid regulation
A new asset class

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