Tokenized Stocks: The Future of Stock Trading

The INX Digital Company INC | April 8, 2024
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Stock exchanges have been the cornerstone of traditional finance, giving investors the ability to buy and sell shares.  A new innovation has emerged in how stocks are issued and managed called tokenized stocks. Tokenization involves the issuance of digital security tokens on a blockchain. These tokens can represent various things, from loyalty points to real estate ownership.

The tokenization sector is undergoing swift expansion, with projections indicating that the global market will surpass $24 trillion by 2027. This surge is fueled by mounting interest from conventional financial entities like the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq, who are actively exploring avenues to tokenize their assets.

This article explains all you need to know about tokenized stocks, the benefits, risks, and how to get started.

What are Tokenized Stocks?

A tokenized stock is a digital representation of a share of ownership in a publicly traded company. However,  instead of a traditional share certificate, it exists as a token on a blockchain. While the market for tokenized stocks is still growing, several platforms offer tokenized versions of well-known companies. 

How Do Tokenized Stocks Work?

The process of creating tokenized stocks involves the following steps:

  • Securitization: A custodian, usually a regulated financial institution, holds the underlying shares of the company.
  • Tokenization: These shares are then divided into digital tokens, each representing a fractional ownership of the underlying share.
  • Smart Contracts: These self-executing contracts on the blockchain control the issuance, trading, and ownership of the tokens. They also automate processes like dividend distribution and voting rights.

Benefits of Tokenized Stocks

Compared to traditional stocks, tokenized stocks have certain advantages. Here are the major benefits of tokenized stocks.

  1. Fractional Ownership: Unlike traditional shares that often come in high denominations, tokenized stocks can be divided into smaller units. This means investors can own a fraction of a share, making the stock market more accessible to investors with limited capital.
  2. Fractional dividends: Holders of tokenized stocks receive dividends proportionate to their ownership share.
  3. 24/7 Tradability: Traditional stock markets operate within specific trading hours. On the other hand, tokenized stocks exist on a global blockchain network. This means you can trade 24/7, offering more flexibility for investors.
  4. Quicker Settlement: Traditional stock trades can take days to settle. However, with tokenized stocks, settlements can be nearly instantaneous due to the nature of blockchain technology.
  5. Reduced Fees: Traditional stock trading often involves brokerage fees. With tokenized stock platforms, you can get lower fees due to the automation smart contracts provide.

Risks of Tokenized Stocks

Here are the main challenges investors may face when investing in tokenized stocks:

  1. Market Volatility: Tokenized stocks may experience rapid price fluctuations, exposing token issuers to potential market manipulation or fraudulent activities. 
  2. Regulatory uncertainty: The regulatory landscape around tokenized stocks is still developing. This uncertainty can pose concerns for investors and companies looking to enter this space.
  3. Security Risks: Crypto exchanges and blockchain platforms can be vulnerable to hacking attempts or scams.

The Future of Tokenized Stocks

Tokenized stocks have been significant in the financial sector. While there are challenges no doubt, the potential benefits are undeniable. As regulations evolve and technology improves, tokenized stocks could become a mainstream investment option. 

In the future, major financial institutions could offer tokenized stocks to their clients. Traditional stock exchanges may explore integrating tokenized stocks into their existing infrastructure. Tokenized stocks could unlock new investment opportunities for private companies and assets that are currently not readily tradable.

Getting Started with Tokenized Stocks

Tokenized stocks signify a groundbreaking change in our approach to traditional securities. The fusion of blockchain technology with the concept of shares is a key shift in the financial landscape. 

As both businesses and investors recognize the potential of tokenized assets, they are increasingly embracing their adoption with innovative financial products and services. Tokenized stocks can give rise to tokenized funds, tracking a basket of stocks, and tokenized derivatives, deriving value from stock prices.

Tokenized stocks represent a novel asset class with advantages surpassing those of traditional stocks. As technology evolves and regulatory frameworks clarify, tokenized stocks are poised to gain mainstream acceptance.

Launching a tokenized stock or investing in one is best done via a regulated securities platform. INX, is a regulated platform that merges investing and trading in security tokens and cryptocurrencies. 

INX offers a hurdle-free way to convert stocks to tokenized stocks, allowing you to:

  • Issue a tokenized stock on the blockchain
  • Trade tokenized stocks 24/7, 365 days
  • Customize token holder rights
  • Fund your account  with Crypto or Fiat

Furthermore, the INX Token was the first publicly registered SEC security token to IPO on the blockchain, making it available to the US general public and global investors. This demonstrates INX key expertise in asset tokenization, going on to support the issuance of several other asset classes on the blockchain. 

Choosing INX allows you to raise and invest in tokenized stocks with a fully regulated platform, as the regulatory landscape surrounding tokenized stocks is constantly changing. 


Tokenized stocks offer a glimpse into the future of investing. While they come with their own set of risks, the potential benefits are undeniable. By educating yourself, choosing reliable platforms, and approaching these investments with caution, you can be part of this exciting new frontier in the financial world. 

Meta: Explore the world of Tokenized Stocks! This guide explains what they are, how they work, the benefits & risks, and how to get started with tokenized stocks.

The INX Digital Company INC April 8, 2024

The INX Digital Company inc. is an expert in the field of finance, crypto and digital securities.


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