Weekly Analysis 6/16

The INX Digital Company INC | June 17, 2024
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Summer is officially here, and after last week’s exciting update, we have a few sizzling developments ahead. Meanwhile, here are last week’s highlights:

The Federal Reserve’s Impact on Bitcoin and Global Markets

Last Wednesday, June 12th, the Federal Reserve’s announcement of just one projected rate cut for the year sent shockwaves through investor circles, leading to a rapid decline in Bitcoin’s average market price to $65,100 within an hour. Investors were expecting more aggressive monetary easing, and the Fed’s conservative stance caused them to quickly adjust their portfolios, moving away from riskier assets like Bitcoin.

This disappointment was compounded by ongoing political uncertainties in Europe and a stronger U.S. dollar, both of which further dampened market sentiment. These factors not only affected Bitcoin but also reverberated throughout the broader cryptocurrency market, resulting in a prolonged period of sideways movement. Traders and analysts were left grappling with the reduced expectations for monetary easing while navigating the complex global economic trends and evolving dynamics of the digital currency space.

Exciting Leadership Addition

We are thrilled to announce that former Genesis CEO and crypto veteran Michael Moro has joined INX as Chief Strategy Officer. With his unique experience and perspective, Moro is poised to drive INX’s vision forward. He will focus on designing and executing strategic plans, as well as spearheading business development and growth. “INX’s commitment to revolutionizing digital finance,” said Moro, “perfectly aligns with my passion for innovation and strategic growth. Together, we will navigate the evolving blockchain landscape and advance INX’s mission to redefine the future of finance.”

Trading on INX.One

Don’t forget to review the list of primary and secondary security tokens offered on our platform, each representing a different industry and a unique opportunity.

In a partnership with INX, Watford FC is offering digital equity through security tokens, providing holders with utility benefits, enhancing fan engagement, and marking a significant milestone in sports investment opportunities.

Optimize Your Portfolio

Your Favorite Tweet

Last week, we highlighted the crucial issue of the blockchain architecture battle in a tweet. As blockchain adoption grows, the challenge of scalability becomes more evident. Traditional monolithic blockchains struggle to manage the rising volume of transactions, whereas modular blockchains present a potential solution. To address this, we’ve prepared a guide explaining the key differences, future possibilities, and the significance of this matter.


What’s Trending on INX Academy

INX Academy offers multiple articles and guides to help you better understand this evolving market and the wealth of opportunities it has to offer.

Here are a few recommended guides the academy has prepared for you:

As always, we are indebted to the INX community, our invaluable partners who accompany us on this path toward a new digital economy.

The INX Digital Company INC June 17, 2024

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