Platform Update Document for Version Release 3.5.0

The INX Digital Company INC | April 1, 2024
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We are excited to announce the latest update to our platform, featuring several enhancements aimed at improving user experience and functionality. Below are the key changes included in this update:

API Enhancements:

IP Address Whitelisting:

  • We have introduced the ability to whitelist IP addresses for API access. This added layer of security allows users to specify which IP addresses are authorized to access the API.
  • How to Add: When setting up an new API key, you can simply enter the IP(s) you wish to whitelist. This can be done via the API page found within the ‘Settings’ menu item.
  • Support Assistance: In case users encounter difficulties locating their whitelisted IPs, our support team is readily available to assist.
  • Trade Availability: All trades are now accessible via our API, providing users with comprehensive access to the history of trades.

Expanded Market Features:

  • Redesigned Market Interface:
    • We have revamped the design of our market interface to enhance usability and aesthetics, providing users with a more intuitive trading experience.
  • Asset Page Redirection:
    • Users can now simply click on an asset within the market interface to be redirected to the corresponding asset page for detailed information and trading options.
  • Enhanced Search Functionality:
    • We have implemented advanced search capabilities, allowing users to search for assets by category, including Crypto, Security Tokens, or view all available assets.
  • Favorite Asset Management:
    • Users can mark their favorite assets, with a limit of six favorites, which will then be conveniently displayed in the upper bar for quick access and monitoring.

Linking Whitelist Status History:

  • Improved Whitelisting Data Management: Since whitelisting is such an integral part of the trading experience, we have enhanced our whitelisting data management system. This will improve users’ visibility and control when whitelisting their wallets, making the trading experience faster and smoother for users.

The INX Digital Company INC April 1, 2024

The INX Digital Company inc. is an expert in the field of finance, crypto and digital securities.


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