Platform update v2.2.0

The INX Digital Company | November 6, 2022
0 min read

Transfer fund between crypto and securities, view primary offering and new referral program.

Only on INX ONE, traders of both cryptocurrencies and security tokens are now able to transfer the funds (FIAT & crypto) from one account to another with a click of a button, with NO commissions and NO minimum amount.

View Primary Offerings
Our breakthrough platform provides unique primary offerings exclusively to INX investors.
Following the latest update, these offerings are now displayed and able to be reviewed by everyone on the platform, not just the traders. This feature allows you to assess and learn more about the different investment opportunities.

Referral Program
The new referral program, announced last month and available on INX ONE, rewards you with every referral to the platform. Refer your friends to INX ONE, and earn 40% on every crypto trade they make while your friends save 10%.

The INX Digital Company November 6, 2022


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