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David Azaraf | November 21, 2022
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They say that it is always better to choose the more difficult right over the easier wrong. 

Given the latest FTX saga, there is really only one constant, and that is that everyone needs protection, and the industry needs regulations in order to grow and thrive. 

While the main focus seems to be on the big numbers, we can’t help thinking about the individuals who lost so much simply because there were no safeguards and regulatory accountability in place. 

Since day one, this is what we have been working to prevent. 

These are the people we were working to protect. 

Each and every one of them is worth the years we invested and the funds we spent building a secure, regulated platform. 

Five years ago, we chose the unlikely path of investing in the future as opposed to earning big in the present. We chose what we knew was right for our future customers—the path that would keep them safe while providing them with a wealth of opportunities. 

We Paid the Price So Others Won’t Have to

While most players played hide and seek with the regulators, INX was the first to go through the regulators’ front door and work with them directly. 

INX is unique in that it opted to take the longer and more arduous road. 

Our goal was to be fully regulated and manage all the company’s activity under the strict regulatory framework of the various US regulators:

  • SEC
  • FinCen
  • State money transmitter authorities
  • NFA
  • and others

This road was timely, costly, and there were many hurdles to overcome. 

Yet, INX never wavered in its goal of becoming the world’s first fully regulated platform for investors, traders, and issuers. 

It is clearer now, more than ever, that the reasons behind this decision were the right ones, and the heavy price that INX paid was worth it. You are worth it! 

SEC-Registered Security Token

As others raised an exorbitant amount of cash by making false promises of regulation-free hubs, INX invested millions in filing and working alongside the SEC to advance the first F-1 prospectus for a tokenized security and marketplace through to registration. 

After 950 days of exhaustive review, INX’s registration statement was declared effective.  

INX became the first operating company authorized to offer security tokens and a plan for a regulated blockchain platform to the public. 

INX Doesn’t Just Talk the Talk – It Walks the Walk

The company now enables others to issue digital securities and raise capital by providing them with a nose-to-tail solution, including a licensing umbrella, technology, marketing, compliance/ KYC services, and more – Token as a Service. 

INX holds transfer agent, broker-dealer, and ATS licenses under the SEC and FINRA, as well as the majority of money transmitter licenses that allow for cryptocurrency trading. 

All trading, investing, capital raising, security token, or cryptocurrency transactions are conducted on one regulated breakthrough platform, INX.ONE.

Operating with checks and balances is in our DNA.

We understand that regulations protect the people and enable the existence of a trading platform that provides a solid, sustainable solution for the future. It is also the most formidable path to establish and show credibility, which is exactly what INX has done.  

INX Puts Customers First! 

  • INX holds an audited and segregated reserve fund 
  • INX maintains 1:1 balances for customers and does not use customer assets 
  • INX does NOT, in any way, shape, or form, leverage or re-invest a customer’s assets

The FTX scenario would likely have never occurred in an SEC-regulated environment, and this latest liquidity crisis will never happen at INX. 

That’s the INX way.

The only secure way to trade, invest and raise capital, all under the SEC’s regulatory umbrella. 

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David Azaraf November 21, 2022

Crypto enthusiast, help businesses plug into the token economy


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