August 2022 Newsletter

David Azaraf | September 2, 2022
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“Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.” 

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

This past month, we all witnessed the fundamental distinction between those who know and those who also do; those who put safety first and those who learned safety by accident.  

The SEC has repeatedly issued warnings against industry giants who operate without regulation, as these companies continue to claim there is no way to regulate their activities. 

INX is proving they are categorically wrong. 

A Blockworks article published on Aug 1st reminded readers worldwide that INX was the first to conduct an IPO under SEC registration and is now helping others do the same. 

As we lay out our monthly update, we are confident that our efforts have created a new, secure digital alternative that can allow us to safely pioneer a new digital economy.

INX Over The Counter

This month, INX shares were officially opened to global investors on the U.S.-based OTCQB exchange, operated by OTC Markets Group Inc., under the symbol “INXDF”. 

INX’s common shares are also traded on the NEO Exchange in Canada, and we are confident that this further exposure and access to trade INX shares worldwide will accelerate the company’s growth. 

You can find the company’s new OTCQB profile page here

Second Quarter Update & Financial Results 

Our 2nd financial update of the year, released earlier this month, noted that INX took significant strategic and impactful measures during the second quarter of 2022. 

The report cited many cryptocurrency assets that were added to the INX platform, as well as several engagement letters signed with potential global digital securities issuers. Learn more

Our Deputy CEO & COO Provides his Thoughts on the Future of Finance 

In a special OpEd featured on The Block earlier this month, our Deputy CEO & COO, Itai Avneri presented the alarming numbers behind the current wave of inflation, which requires pressing solutions. While explaining our vision of a transition between traditional and digital economies, he stressed the need for a necessary lifeline, a CBDC ecosystem. “CBDCs will play a major role in how the world earns, spends, and sends money in the coming years; digital payments will be an essential element in the future of finance and the new digital economy.” 

Read the full article

INX Team at the CBDC Conference in Frankfurt

As part of our mission to bridge economies, we are rapidly promoting our CBDC joint venture and sharing our knowledge, technology, and solutions to help others. 

Earlier this week, Bob Ejodame, our Head of Operations and Yael Lipskin, INX Product Lead, joined the CBDC Conference in Frankfurt, where they discussed the latest developments in the field of CBDC and shared ideas with global experts and peers. We look forward to sharing more about the CBDC ecosystem we are designing.

Trucpal Security Token Offering Featured in Altcoin Daily 

In a special Altcoin Daily interview, our CBO Douglas Borthwick shared Trucpal Digital Security Token’s exciting capital raise on the INX platform. He also provided details surrounding the digital SaaS service provider operating in the $1.6 trillion Chinese freight market, which now offers future profits and dividends to its token holders. For a limited time, the token is available on the INX Securities platform for accredited US and all non-US investors. Learn more

New Countries Added to the INX Securities Platform

INX is expanding its operations and is now available for traders in six more countries around the world: El Salvador, Bahamas, Argentina, Lithuania, Qatar and Bahrain. We believe in digital solutions and maximizing the possibilities for all. We are excited to grow our community of communities and invite the new members of our beloved community of traders to download the app and explore INX assets: iOS and Android.

Discussing SEC-registered Digital Securities in NYC

On September 12th, at the SALT New York Conference, taking place at the famous Javits Center, our Head of Business Development, John Song, will share the unique details of our capital raise services. INX will also join the discussions at the Digital Asset Summit in NYC starting September 13th. In the two-day conference at the Glasshouse, we’ll present the unparalleled advantages of issuing an SEC-registered digital security token. Our very own Chief Business Officer, Douglas Borthwick, will join the digital investments panel scheduled for September 14th. If you happen to be nearby, come say hi! 

INX is proud to offer investors a secure, reliable, and regulated haven. 

A new season is coming, and many groundbreaking developments from INX are on the horizon. 

As always, we are indebted to the INX community, who, as partners on this journey, are helping us pioneer a new tokenized economy.

Exciting updates ahead. Can you count to One…? 

Stay Tuned.

David Azaraf September 2, 2022

Crypto enthusiast, help businesses plug into the token economy


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