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The INX Digital Company INC | March 2, 2023
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As we celebrate the end of 2022, let’s toast to yesterday’s accomplishments and tomorrow’s brightest prospects.

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

                                                                                           Benjamin Franklin

This year has started out with a bang; We are witnessing a new tokenized future rapidly taking shape while there is an increasing expectation of accountability from industry leaders. As key players in the traditional economy are expressing a vote of confidence in the evolving digital markets, more and more companies are experiencing backlash from US regulators; this leaves potential investors quite confused.

Since INX is not part of the problem but rather the solution, this month, we have invested great effort in providing clarity through multiple tools and initiatives that we hope will clear up the fog.

Education is the key to informed decision-making, and we are proud to arm our customers with the facts and the most accurate information in these days of transition between economies. 

Our Security Token Webinar Series Takes Off 

Following multiple queries received after the launch of The INX Way, we’ve decided to hold a webinar consisting of three 20-minute sessions designed for individuals or companies seeking to learn about trading, investing, and raising capital under the SEC’s regulatory umbrella. 

The webinar is led by our top professionals, who explain: 

  • Our end-to-end solution for raising capital, The INX Way, and key details from our own experiences. 
  • The token advantage: The token raise vs. the traditional raise and everything you need to know about issuing a token to raise your capital.
  • The private vs. the public raise: What you should expect before and after your capital raise launch.

Just last week, during the first webinar session, our Chief Compliance Officer, Vlad Uchenik, discussed the rules and regulations governing digital assets and shared our own experiences of helping security token issuers navigate regulation.

Our next webinar will be held on Thursday, March 9th, at 9 am ET, led by Gadi Buch, Head of Business Development, and Bob Ejodame, our VP Capital Markets, who will share our top secrets to a successful security token offering.

All participants will receive The INX Way guidebook. 

Save your seat at the table by registering for our webinar.

A New Study: “INX Is Changing The Digital Financial World”

Zacks Small Cap Research focuses on companies with real value, that are relevant right now, and thereby merit thorough study. Highlights of their latest report were released this month. The main conclusions determine that the security token market appears poised to explode, and INX is the only company at this point to introduce an SEC-registered security token. 

It also acknowledges INX.One as a breakthrough platform and suggests that INX is shaping the blockchain industry through its willingness to work in a regulated environment under SEC and FINRA oversight. The report says that investing in INX is not investing in cryptocurrencies but is rather an investment in a fintech company that has the technology, expertise, and licenses to offer primary and secondary markets to investors in the US and globally. “The company has the experience needed in this burgeoning industry to help companies bring tokens to market and provide a place for them to be traded with confidence.”

Click here to see the full report

Turncoin Token Offer Explained

After launching the first fan economy security token offering: TurnCoin (TXC), and allowing our customers the opportunity to own a share in the global gross revenue of the “World’s First Xchange for Talent,” we’ve hosted a special Twitter Space and LinkedIn Audio to bring all the details and people involved to the front and answer all your questions. We’ve noticed many were excited to learn that the Turncoin token was generated on the VirtualStax platform, a global talent marketplace backed by the likes of Drew Brees and Patrick Mahomes.

In the coming month, we will host multiple online events with exciting details about tokens traded exclusively on INX.One. 

Explore about Turncoin token

What’s Trading on INX.One

INX.One also features:

  •  The Trucpal Security Token, the first security token for the Chinese freight market that potentially enables earnings from the company’s future profits and dividends. 
  • The Advent security token, Hollywood’s first entertainment security token offering that offers a rare opportunity to participate in potential future profits of Hollywood productions, video games, etc.
  • The Treasure Experience token, the first security token that opens a treasure chest to potential profits from monetizable items rescued from shipwrecks and global treasure sites.
  • The latest offering – the TurnCoin (TXC) token that offers a chance to own a share in the global gross revenue of the “World’s First Xchange for Talent.”

More exciting offerings will soon be available on the platform.

Shared Values are a Beacon of Hope

With many new developments on the U.S. regulatory front, the search for clear checks and balances is at its peak. This month, in an attempt to broaden the message of hope and confidence in a secure path, we partnered with our friends from Republic to emphasize our shared values and the exciting opportunities that come with a regulated digital economy. 

On a special leadership Twitter Space, our Deputy CEO, Itai Avneri, sat down with Republic’s Co-Founder and CEO, Ken Nguyen, and Head of Republic Crypto, Andrew Durgee, to discuss the tokenization of securities, the future of on-chain assets and how a tokenization revolution can redefine the creation and transfer of financial assets. 

INX’s Leadership is Outlining the Future of the Industry 

Our North America CEO, Alan Silbert, joined Mark Fidelman, host of the Cryptonized Show, to discuss the future of security tokens and why regulation by the SEC will push most of the crypto investors to securitize their tokens. Alan discusses the future of security tokens, the current state of the market, and the role security tokens will play in the future.

Our Deputy CEO, Itai Avneri, was interviewed by Stock Day Podcast host Everett Jolly and emphasized that a solid regulatory framework is necessary to attract more mainstream investors to the digital asset industry. On an optimistic note, he described the changing landscape and how attention is now turning to the establishment of required guardrails. He confidently reminded the listeners that INX is not part of the problem but the solution itself.  

What’s Trending on INX.One

Our platform provides a wealth of investment opportunities as well as relevant information that we continue to provide daily. This month we added new articles, blogs, and other resources that can further broaden perspectives and contribute to a better understanding of this market.

If you’d like us to write about a specific topic, please email us at [email protected]

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Changing the Paradigm Around the World

 On a special visit to Kyrgyzstan, our CEO Shy Datika, and VP Capital Markets, Bob Ejodame, presented our work and path toward a tokenized future. The discussions with government officials were fruitful and involved productive conversations on digital assets, regulations, building compliant digital assets solutions, and so much more. INX is proud to set new global standards and lead to the democratization of finance. 

We are excited to begin a new and eventful month and looking forward to sharing the new updates it will bring. 

As always, we are indebted to the INX community, our invaluable partners who accompany us on this path toward a new digital economy.

The INX Digital Company INC March 2, 2023

The INX Digital Company inc. is an expert in the field of finance, crypto and digital securities.


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