Weekly Analysis 3/25

The INX Digital Company INC | March 25, 2024
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This past week, we continued to implement our vision for RWAs. The digital financial market landscape is evolving rapidly, and we’re committed to helping you capitalize on new opportunities each week. Here are the highlights from last week.

Weekly Analysis

Charts Suggest This Bull Cycle is Unlike Any Other

The current bull cycle exhibits remarkable distinctions from its predecessors, signaling a unique trajectory for Bitcoin and its counterparts. A notable feature of this cycle is the maximal drawdown limited to just 15%. In contrast, previous bull markets have weathered multiple corrections surpassing 30%, illustrating the evolving resilience of the market.


A pivotal factor in this cycle is the unprecedented inflow into Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), generating a substantial buy pressure previously absent. While there has been a recent exodus from Grayscale due to high fees, leading to negative flows, the market has witnessed what unfolds when the selling pressure subsides, paving the way for aggressive buying strategies.


Furthermore, Bitcoin’s dominance in the market has been relatively restrained, barely surpassing 55% during this cycle. This is in stark contrast to previous cycles, where Bitcoin’s dominance soared above 70% during initial rally phases, followed by a sharp decline in what is known as ‘alt season’. The moderate dominance of Bitcoin this time around suggests a more mature and robust altcoin market.


Adding to the intrigue, Bitcoin has shattered its all-time high even before the anticipated halving event. The “rainbow chart,” a popular analytical tool, positions Bitcoin in an accumulation phase. This pattern fosters optimistic projections, suggesting a potential surge to $250,000 by year end, replicating post-halving patterns observed historically.



Unicoin on INX.One

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Optimize Your Portfolio

Future Trends in Finance

At the Digital Asset Summit in London, we were pleased to participate in discussions on the future of financial markets, covering Crypto, RWA, Tokenization platforms, and CBDCs. One after another, we were reminded that at INX, we’re already actively involved in each of these asset classes. From current and forthcoming RWA listings on INX.One to spearhead the development of Nabatech, our comprehensive CBDC solutions and multi-token frameworks with robust privacy features and seamless conversion capabilities, including support for government-back stablecoins and digital bonds.

Your Favorite Tweet

Last week’s tweets covered Unicoin’s launch, our visit to the London Digital Asset Summit, and the women of INX leading financial empowerment, among other topics. However, it was a post revealing why gaming companies should consider security token offerings for their capital raise that garnered particular interest from our followers.


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To kickstart your week with your financial goals in mind, here are three selected articles to begin with:

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The INX Digital Company INC March 25, 2024

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