Weekly Analysis 6/11

The INX Digital Company INC | June 10, 2024
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The wheels are in motion, and we are steadily driving new opportunities your way. Last week brought exciting news. Here are the highlights:

INX & Republic Team Up with Watford FC

Last week, we announced an exciting milestone in our partnership with Republic, leading to a unique opportunity for investors like you. Since June 2023, INX has collaborated with Watford FC, and with Republic coming on board, we’ve strengthened our position to deliver on the fan token’s complex elements. Now, you can own a piece of Watford FC. Watford FC’s security token offers real equity through tokens, enhancing fan engagement like never before. The offering is regulated in the EU, UK, and US and is available to accredited US investors and investors from over 85 countries. Enjoy the benefits of our partnership today!

Own a piece of a sports club!

2 NEW Markets LIVE on INX

Did you know we just launched the EURC/USD and USDT/USD markets on INX.One. From the euro-linked stablecoin to the largest fiat-pegged stablecoin that minimizes volatility in cryptocurrency investments, you can now leverage stable and accessible options for diversifying your investment portfolio and gaining quicker and easier access to invest in Tokenized RWAs alongside our existing token offerings. Trading towards your financial goals just got better.

Trading on INX.One

Don’t forget to review the list of primary and secondary security tokens offered on our platform, each representing a different industry and a unique opportunity.

Optimize Your Portfolio

INX at The Blockchain Expo

Last week, we were glad to take part in the Blockchain Expo North America conference in California, where we gathered with blockchain enthusiasts eager to learn about the latest advancements and innovations in blockchain. Our team was pleased to provide more information on why the INX way is the ideal path to investing in the digital finance era, to discuss the next steps in tokenized RWAs, and to highlight the exciting investment opportunities soon to be available on INX.One. Next week, our team is heading to Cyprus. Stay tuned for more info.

Your Favorite Tweet

A tweet that raised an interesting topic caught your attention this week, posing a question you might not have considered before: Do you have a Bitcoin inheritance plan? The tweet explains that Bitcoin is a multi-generational asset, and there are multiple ways to pass it on to your family or beneficiaries: custodial, collaborative, or self-custody.

Read more to learn how to set up your Bitcoin inheritance plan.


What’s Trending on INX Academy

INX Academy offers multiple articles and guides to help you better understand this evolving market and the wealth of opportunities it has to offer.

In the realm of digital finance, choosing the right wallet is crucial. INX Academy offers an expert breakdown of top choices and key factors to consider. Here are three must-read articles on the topic:

INXers on Telegram

INXers, our global INX community on Telegram, engage in lively discussions, recognize trends, share news, and debate critical issues. Each week, we gain insights into their perspectives and preferences through a weekly poll.

Poll of the Week:

Do you think fan tokens are a good investment opportunity as security tokens?

INXers say:

  • 36% Yes
  • 27% Yes, but it depends on the team behind it
  • 6% Maybe, but preferably from my favorite teams
  • 13% No, not even from my favorite teams

The vote is still ongoing.
Join our community on Telegram to cast your vote.

Stay tuned for more updates, and enjoy your weekend!

The INX Digital Company INC June 10, 2024

The INX Digital Company inc. is an expert in the field of finance, crypto and digital securities.


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