July 2023 Newsletter

The INX Digital Company INC | August 3, 2023
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“Progress is not made by pulling off a series of stunts. Each step has to be regulated.” 
Henry Ford

Another hot summer month is coming to a close, and we were happy to add a few refreshing updates with record-breaking numbers and notable actions.
Here’s a recap of our busy and fruitful July.

Casper Labs Join INX

Earlier this month, we announced that Casper Labs would be tokenizing and listing equity on INX.One, opening up its shares to a potential global liquidity pool of investors worldwide. This important industry milestone sparked excitement within the INX community, among Casper Labs fans and followers, and across media platforms. On their blog, Casper Labs emphasized the significance of this collaboration with the question: “What if we all could have invested in Facebook back in 2007 – or Amazon in 1995?”

We will soon be sharing more details on how and where to register.

OTC Investors Learn about INX

Our CFO, Renata Szkoda, laid out the INX vision and mission to industry leaders and the greater investor community at the OTC Markets Small Cap Growth Virtual Investor Conference, which took place on July 13. Describing INX’s vision and mission, she spoke about the wealth of opportunities that digital assets and tokenization offer and provided valuable insights about how INX enables a new era of investment and trade of securities on the blockchain.


Another month of stormy updates and revelations requires clarity and a beacon of hope, and multiple media outlets turned to INX just for that. In E-Crypto News’ insightful one-on-one interview with our Deputy CEO & COO, Itai Avneri, he outlines the current challenges, opportunities, and the market’s path forward.

New Listing: Introducing the CCNA Security Token

Earlier this month, we were proud to launch another primary capital raise and announce the issuance of Convertible Concepts Corporation’s CCNA Token on INX.One. CCNA offers U.S. accredited as well as international investors the opportunity to participate in the greener future of automotive transportation and logistics. With $15 million already raised, the security token is available for a $2,000 minimum investment. The CCNA token is offering its token holder group 40% of total profits in North America without a cap on ROI.

What’s Trading on INX.One?

As we continue to welcome partners to our platform, it’s important to remember the investment opportunities now available on INX.One:

  • The Trucpal security token, the first security token for the Chinese freight market that potentially enables earnings from the company’s future profits and dividends. 
  • The Advent security token, Hollywood’s first entertainment security token offering, offers a rare opportunity to participate in potential future profits of Hollywood productions, video games, etc.
  • The Treasure Experience token, the first security token that opens a treasure chest to potential profits from monetizable items rescued from shipwrecks and global treasure sites.
  • The TurnCoin (TXC) security token that offers a chance to own a share in the global gross revenue of the “World’s First Xchange for Talent.”
  • The XMNA security token, the first digital security token sale of its kind to offer investment exposure to the Web3 markets.
  • The HAG security token is the first Bitcoin Mining security token, offering an opportunity to receive a share of mined Bitcoin directly into your digital wallet on a monthly basis.

More exciting offerings will soon be available on the platform.

Your Special Benefits

Hold & Save 2.0

In the past few months, INX Token holders have been entitled to an exclusive reward program that dramatically reduces their INX.One monthly fee. Starting on August 1st, it gets even better with an instant discount on any transaction. The discount amount will be determined by the different tiers.

Your $5000 Referral Fee

Due to high demand, we continue to offer our referral program. We invite you to join forces with INX and empower companies to secure the funding required for their success. By referring companies that are seeking to raise capital to INX and facilitating their engagement through our platform, you become eligible for a $5000 referral fee.

Do the Work, Talk the Talk

This month, more and more spaces covered our latest news, focused on the future-forward thinking of Casper Labs’ listing on INX.One, its impact on the industry and the implications of our partnership with Republic, which we think will be a game changer in this market. We hope you had the opportunity to join the multiple Twitter spaces and webinars we’ve hosted and participated in throughout June. From our lively conversations with Twitter’s Wolf to an INX-focused talk with Wendy O.

On August 7th, we will host a distinguished webinar across our platforms. It will focus on how tokenization can transform fundraising for a startup and will host Head of Republic Crypto Andrew Durgee, Tokenwise co-founder Anthony Simone, and Finpeers co-founder Sander Anderson.

Inx Academy

Learn how the digital economy works from every angle.
This month, we enriched the INX Academy with more articles, blogs, and other resources that will arm you with knowledge and a better understanding of this evolving market and the wealth of opportunities it has to offer.

To read our newest articles:

If you’d like us to write about a specific topic, please email us at [email protected]

Stay tuned for upcoming updates and announcements in the coming month.

As always, we are indebted to the INX community, our invaluable partners who accompany us on this path toward a new digital economy.

The INX Digital Company INC August 3, 2023

The INX Digital Company inc. is an expert in the field of finance, crypto and digital securities.


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