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The INX Digital Company INC | April 8, 2024
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Excited about the fast-evolving RWA tokenization market? We’ve spent years building a secure infrastructure and are thrilled to see others adopting our principles. Last week, we furthered our RWA vision and upgraded our platform to better serve you. Here are the highlights.

Weekly Analysis

Is Bitcoin Primed for a Major Surge?

Analyzing Key Market Indicators Amidst Bullish Trends

As we draw near to the Bitcoin halving, several key indicators underline that this bull market is somewhere in the middle of its incredible run, and is a long way from the top. Is Bitcoin gearing for another leg up?

For starters, the Bitcoin Fear and Greed Index has remained in the territory of greed or extreme greed for an impressive duration of two months. This persistence occurs despite experiencing significant market corrections, signaling a clear and enduring bullish trend.

**Source: bitdegree.com

A pivotal factor to consider is the on-chain volume of Bitcoin transactions. In March 2023, the network saw over $2 trillion in transactions, marking the highest volume since May 2022. While this figure is noteworthy, it still pales in comparison to the staggering $8 trillion all-time high, suggesting ample room for growth.

**Source: theblock.co

The Market Value to Realized Value (MVRV) score offers further insight. Currently, the MVRV score indicates that Bitcoin is consolidating at the midpoint of a bull run. The MVRV ratio compares Bitcoin’s current market price (market value) to the average price at which each Bitcoin was last moved (realized value). A balanced MVRV score, as seen currently, suggests we’re at the midpoint of a bull run. This indicates a consolidation phase before potentially another major price surge.

**Source: lookintobitcoin.com

Adding to this bullish narrative are the funding rates. After reaching exceptionally high levels last month, funding rates have now moderated. In the context of Bitcoin, funding rates are fees paid by one side of perpetual futures contracts to the other, reflecting market sentiment and leverage. Lower funding rates point towards a more sustainable, spot-driven rally, as they suggest less speculative, leverage-driven trading.

**Source: newhedge.io

With the Bitcoin halving event looming less than two weeks away, speculations are rife. Will this event reignite the rally’s momentum, or will Bitcoin experience more sideways movement? The stage is set, the indicators are speaking, and the crypto community watches with bated breath as Bitcoin prepares for its next significant chapter.


Double Power on INX.One!

After sharing dividends in its first tranche and following its recent secondary market launch last week, HAG’s second tranche was launched on INX.One, setting a new standard of optimal flexibility and maximum opportunities for any investor. These parallel routes offer token holders large volume purchases without market impact, no trading or gas fees to HODL with ease, and special access to the full spectrum of benefits offered by HAG’s presence on INX.One.

INX On Air

Bitcoin Halving 2024: Expert View

Last week, we ignited our hype about the upcoming April 19th Bitcoin halving event. With expert insights from Markus Thielen and Mati Greenspan, we hosted a special X-space where we discussed its impact in 2024 and how it extends beyond mere price movements. We delved into Halving’s potential long-term effects and highlighted facts that could lead to better and more profitable financial decisions.

Celebrating the Note

Don’t miss our Thursday X Space event this week as we join our friends at Republic in celebrating the anniversary of the Republic Note. In collaboration with Wolf Finance, representatives from both companies will be there to discuss the Note’s special offer on INX.One and what lies ahead for the token.

Trading on INX.One

Don’t forget to review the list of primary and secondary security tokens offered on our platform, each representing a different industry and a unique opportunity.

Optimize Your Portfolio

INX in Tokyo

In just a few days, INX’s team will arrive in Tokyo and join our beloved local community for special INX Token holders meetups. During our visit, our CEO, Shy Datika, will speak at the TEAMZ WEB3/AI SUMMIT, outlining our vision for RWA Tokenization and announcing our upcoming features and services. Join us at the summit and join our token holders community. We would love to meet you in person.

Your Favorite Tweet

Our standout tweet of the week served as a great reminder of the unique opportunities INX has paved. It focused on what many of us wish for – the opportunity to participate in a viable long-term investment. The tweet thread not only explained why security tokens are the new and better forms of such investments, as they offer boosted liquidity and enhanced transparency, among other benefits but also served as a reminder of the alternative option of making these investments 24/7, 365.


What’s Trending on INX Academy

INX Academy offers multiple articles and guides to help you better understand this evolving market and the wealth of opportunities it has to offer.

As RWA Tokenization takes center stage, we want to make sure you’re fully informed. Here are three selected articles to cover key principles and use cases.

INXers on Telegram

INXers, our global INX community on Telegram, engage in lively discussions, recognize trends, share news, and debate critical issues. Each week, we gain insights into their perspectives and preferences through a weekly poll.

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The INX Digital Company INC April 8, 2024

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