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The INX Digital Company INC | May 13, 2024
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Five months into 2024, predictions have proven accurate, and the RWA tokenization transition is in full swing! INX.One, the first regulated RWA exchange, continues to make strides, with actions underway to capitalize on the new financial opportunities. Here’s a recap of last week’s highlights:

Weekly Analysis

Bitcoin Is Ranging: Could Asia’s Emerging Influence Spur the Next Bull Run?

In recent months, Bitcoin has moved within a tight range, struggling to break out in either direction. The market movements are reflected in the sentiment, measured by the Fear and Greed Index, which remains in a neutral state. We have yet to see a period of sustained extreme greed, suggesting that this bull market has still not reached its full potential.

The post-halving landscape has presented substantial challenges, notably a 9% reduction in hashpower from its peak. This downturn reflects the growing financial impracticality for less efficient miners, squeezing their profit margins and possibly shaking out weaker players from the game.

Despite these operational headwinds, the institutional outlook appears cautiously optimistic. In the US, ETF inflows have plateaued, suggesting a wait-and-see approach among institutional investors.

However, Asia’s financial markets are showing promising signs of Bitcoin adoption.The recent approval of a Bitcoin ETF in Hong Kong marks a significant milestone, with plans underway to extend this initiative to mainland China. Similarly, South Korea’s winning party has pledged support for Bitcoin ETFs, and Japan’s Metaplanet has recently become the first public company in the country to embrace Bitcoin as a treasury asset.

Celebrate our Token with Mega Fee Reductions

The INX Token, the first SEC-registered security token, has just marked another year, and our token holders are benefiting. Throughout May, INX Token holders in countries authorized to invest in digital securities will enjoy mega fee reductions of up to 100%! Want to ensure you’re part of the next significant reduction? The INX Token is now available on INX.One.

HAG Announces Another Round of Dividends

Last week, many INX investors were pleased to hear that HAG announced another round of dividends! Eligible token holders who acquired it before May 7th qualify, while second-tranche participants will join in the next round. Don’t miss out. Secure your spot for the next dividend round by adding HAG Token to your Portfolio.

Trading on INX.One

Don’t forget to review the list of primary and secondary security tokens offered on our platform, each representing a different industry and a unique opportunity.

Optimize Your Portfolio

INX Brings RWAs Tokenization to Miami

As RWA tokenization gains traction, many of us aim to reach our financial goals in the digital economy and make informed decisions. Last Thursday, our VP of Business Development, Nadav Moskovitch, participated in Miami’s premier RWA and Tokenization Summit to offer essential insights. He outlined the fundamentals of the digital era, presented our vision and mission, and highlighted new investment opportunities on INX.One.

Your Favorite Tweet

Your top tweet this week shared valuable information for those aiming to reach their financial goals. You sought to understand the steps required for tokenization from the company that pioneered the regulated path. As a US-regulated entity, INX made history with the first SEC-approved tokenized IPO. In the tweet, we explain how we simplify the process, assisting other companies in issuing security tokens/RWAs.


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